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Dec 5, 2012 ~ it's not an iPhone.... it's a cryphone

I never knew that when you had a cell phone SIM card, NOT EVERYTHING is automatically saved on that card. Some stuff is just in your “phone”… some stuff is in your “SIM”…. I feel like Adam Sandler in Wedding Singer when that girl says she doesn’t wanna marry him after she runs out on the wedding and he's like “Gee, that information would’ve been a little more helpful to me YESTERDAY!”
My phone died last week and a handful of visits to AT&T led to me in tears yesterday, sitting in my car outside their office on Mundy Street. Ever since 2008 apparently I’ve only been saving things to my “phone”, not the SIM card. And since the buttons don’t work on the phone anymore, everyone I met in the last three/four years - they have no way to get. Music industry contacts, friends, radio peeps, family: GONE. Pictures? GONE. Texts I’d saved? GONE.

Commence freak out.

To make matters worse, I’ve got somebody texting me right now asking if I’ll play a gig down by Philly next month. I’m sure I WILL…… but I have no idea who the hell this is. I feel like a complete tool going “yeah, I’d love to play your show, but please first tell me how I know you.”

 ***Note: as I was publishing this blog, I sent a text to that very effect.

After a mini-meltdown in the parking lot of AT&T (can’t cry in the store, they all have smartphones - could throw that crap on YouTube), I’m slowly piecing my life back together. I guess it goes to show – no matter how much you THINK you’ve backed up all your information. Back it up again. And pictures of cute kids/family times should be saved to flash drive! Speaking of…. This is the ONLY thing that kept me from going crazy yesterday. Benjamin the wondernephew. This is the background on my NEW phone.

“It’s okay, Aunt Lissa….. just be less of a chowderhead next time and back up your contacts.”

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12/05/2012 11:06AM
Dec 5, 2012 ~ it's not an iPhone.... it's a cryphone
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