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Dec 28, 2012 ~ Christmas! :D

I don't remember the last time I had such a wonderful Christmas! I hate to be cheesy, but this was like a dream come true - getting to see my WHOLE family, waking up together Christmas morning, the look on my nephew Benjamin's face when he unwrapped his presents, what a blessing! Allow me to unload some pictures on you. I feel you'd like to know my family better. Because they're total strangers who you will probably never meet. With an odd sense of humor.... and questionable footwear.... kay, here ya go. You lucky dog...

My parents and I at Carl Von Luger in Scranton the night they arrived - YUM!

My sibs! (from left) big bro Jason, me, nephew Benjamin, Ben's mom Sara, brother Andy, his GF Devon  :)

me & Benjamin shopping for an Iron Man action figure

Benjamin putting on Grandpa's hat

I'm teaching Benjamin how to do "rock hands".... isn't he CUTE in my sunglasses?! And already taller than Ronnie James Dio. Haaaa

Aunt Devon & Uncle Andy reading Sneeches On The Beaches to wondernephew

This is one elf I'd never put on a shelf ;)

Grandma & Benjamin on Christmas morning

THE WHOLE BUNCH OF US!! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing, fun family. But I also feel blessed to have YOU, KRZ family! I truly appreciate everything we share - humor, music, facebook friendships, texts, I feel like we're all connected. *Internet hug!!*

....kay, seriously I'm done being cheesy now. Somebody add salsa to me and microwave it cuz I'm a big emotional bowl o' Velveeta over here. God bless us! Enjoy the season! And here's to a cheese free 2013 :) xoxo  ~Liss

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12/28/2012 12:20PM
Dec 28, 2012 ~ Christmas! :D
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12/28/2012 2:09PM
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for sharing your family and yourself with us, your KRZ family! Glad to have you. - Sharon from Albrightsville.
12/28/2012 4:00PM
Thanks Sharon!
You're so sweet! Thank you for that beautiful message :) Have a great New Year!! ~Lissa
01/07/2013 10:37AM
Family Pics
Hey Lissa...cute family pics and not cheesy, we all adore our fams and it's completely normal to spoil nephews/nieces. I too ate at Carl Von Luger in recent times on a date and I agree..delicious! This next question may come off as odd & random but I'm not making fun of you just curious. I've noticed in all pics you pose for your head is always down & slightly angled. Is this because you believe it is your best shot and were told at one point in time having the camera point down at your face is the most attractive way? Funny thing to me, is I typically pose with mine down & angled as well & I'm very aware it is never good to have a camera under the face.
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