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Creeped out by Twins!

Can I be the ONLY ONE freaked out by twins?  Is it only when they dress alike?  Or does it all go back to those Grady Twins from “The Shining?”

And don’t even get me started on twins that talk in unison or finish each other’s sentences!

This morning we talked to a twin named Dave who goes to a twin convention every year.  A freakin’ CONVENTION of twins???  I can’t even imagine what kind of freak show that would be!

And Dave said there is typically over 3800 twins that go to this convention.  That’s SETS OF TWINS!!!

Help me overcome my fear.  We need twins in the studio next week for our TWIN-TERVENTION.

If you are a twin, or know of identical twins, get in touch with us ASAP.



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08/02/2012 12:23PM
Creeped out by Twins!
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08/02/2012 12:47PM
Rocky, I am the mom of 2 sets of twins! First set is boys..they are fraternal and the second set is boy/girl. They are completely "normal" and look NOTHING like the freak show picture you chose for your heading. I'm not sure how I feel about your comment on twins. Being "creeped out"....hmmm....they are A students, play football, baseball and are earning their EAGLE scout rank. One has even qualifed this year to represent PA in the National Archery Competition in KY. Good, solid kids who aren't living in the shadow of each other. They would love to meet you and put your fears to rest but I'm not sure if they find DJ's "creepy"?????
08/03/2012 6:23AM
I am an identical twin.. I was in my brothers class throughout school. I believe identical twins get along much better than fraternal twins. Its ok to keep identical twins together. Better to separate fraternal twins. My brother and i live our separate lives now and we still get along great
08/03/2012 12:23PM
To the Mom of 2 sets of twins: you are right! DJ's are FAR MORE creepy than twins! Sounds like you have an awesome bunch of kids. Unfortunately, Hollywood has created this unnatural fear that I have. I'd love to meet your gang some time. ~Rock
08/03/2012 9:30PM
I am 32 year old identical twin. My brother and i were in the same class together and we always got along great. I have 3 other sets of cousins that are fraternal twins. I think fraternal twins should be separated at identical twins should be kept together. My brother and i are besr of friends even tho we live our separate lives now. We are both special ed teachers but he is married with 3 kids and i am single yet we remain close. I am glad i was able to be with my brother throughout school. Twins still can live their separate lives
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