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Confessions of a Shopaholic

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD through out the entire movie. It's so true. I could totally relate ... but not to her extremes of Prada, Versace, and Louboutin. I went to the  movies with my favorite little army wife, Alicia. Her husband has been deployed in Iraq for a couple months now and I can't imagine how hard it is for the two of them. She seemed really strong last night, I'm proud of her.  It was between Friday the 13th or Confessions of a Shopaholic ... we both decided we were in a chick flick kind of mood and chose to the Isla Fisher flick. She fascinates me. I love when European actors sound American... it boggles me. THAT'S TALENT! I was seriously the only person laughing out loud during the movie. I relate. There is something SO exciting about purchasing new things... even when it's something as simple at new lip gloss, Febreze, and paper towels from Target. Swiping your card, grabbing the bag, and heading home to unravel your new purchase. It's a sick, sad truth, but that makes me REALLY happy and apparently, i'm not the only one. I must have sounded like such a dork DYING LAUGHING by myself, but it's pathetic how we mask lonliness and emotion with spending. I'm just thankful I don't have her EXTENT of the problem ... $700 shoes ... no way. I'll stick to DSW and i'm not going to lie, I enjoy the occasional trip to TJ MAXX. You can stumble across from FABULOUS FINDS there ... but you have to be in the mood to meander through things, which is often annoying.


Cute movie, but it really addresses a bigger problem. How many of us feel that urge to just spend when we have extra money? How many times have you walked into a store, not found what you were looking for, but couldn't leave without buying SOMETHING? Just a little nugget to think about. I do it ALL of the time at Target. When I have free time, like a lazy Sunday, I'll stroll up and down all of the home goods aisles ... even if I JUST bought new sheets, I'll buy more if they are on sale. Or a picture frame, like I don't have enough? Or LOTION, even when I have 249 bottles of concoctions of moisturizer at home ...


I hope my mom doesn't read this. She's always on me about "frivolous spending" and "getting ahead on those student loans." Love you Mom! I'm going to rip into her tomorrow ... she's been bitten by the Facebook bug. She's now into the whole STATUS UPDATE thing. Holy.

02/18/2009 5:43PM
Confessions of a Shopaholic
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