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Computer Savvy

My one-year-old daughter Savannah (aka “Savvy” or “DJ Savvy”) has learned how to search YouTube. They say the kids who grow up on all this technology will take to it as easy as their parents took to Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo. I used to get such a charge out of that motivating music that played when Mario touched the star and started glowing, able to smash through anything and collect all those coins! 
Back to my point. My young toddler has maybe six words in her vocabulary -- Mommy, Daddy, cat, puppy, up & Toot Toot (the name she gave the toy train she got for Christmas.)   OK more than six, she also says “out,” “fishies” (the goldfish crackers, her favorite snack) and “nana” which can either be a banana or her grandmother. We were on our way to see Nana at Christmastime when she got fussy in the car seat. So I whipped out my Droid smartphone to entertain her with some videos. She wouldn’t stop whining until I gave her the phone – I figure I have the insurance, if she destroys it it’s no big deal. I must have left the YouTube app open and she searched and found the Gummy Bear. My baby can’t talk in complete sentences yet but she can search YouTube!
The Gummy Bear is pretty cool. Some German animator obviously had fun with this, along with some fun with AutoTune! Apparently it’s been an internet phenomenon for awhile – Nana even knew about it.  But just in case you’re not hip to the Gummy Bear, you can click on it here:

The song is pretty catchy. I could hear it on KRZ next to Kesha and T-Pain easily! It’s in heavy rotation in my car. Whenever DJ Savvy gets cranky in the car seat I plug my Droid into my iPod adapter and play Gummy Bear through my system. I can see her bobbing her little blonde head in my rear view mirror!
Do you have little ones? How do YOU keep ‘em quiet in the car? Feel free to comment here, I need all the help I can get as I’m still pretty new at this!

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01/19/2012 6:25PM
Computer Savvy
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