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Comedy Tourettes

I just finished reading Lissa’s Blog about hecklers at comedy shows.  And now I understand why our night turned out the way it did.  She jinxed us! :)

We all went to see comedian Lewis Black @ the Scranton Cultural Center.  Lewis opened the show by hinting  that some people in the audience might not get his “act”.  This triggered a response from the jack-hole sitting directly in front of us. 

“What act?” the nimrod screamed.

Welcome to Scranton, Lewis.

I love when one idiot with a loud mouth tries to become the star of the show.  And the sad thing, Lewis had to call this guy out whenever he spoke up.

We came to see one of our favorite comedians, not listen to some obnoxious knuckle dragger.  And what made the night even more bizarre…the dung-beetle was there with his Mom!  I bet she’s proud.

I told the mouth that roared to keep it down.  That kept him quiet or a few minutes.  But the urge to be Mayor of Annoying-ville was too strong.  He yelled some nonsense again.  Lissa’s date then said something to the doofus.  Again, that worked, for a few minutes.

So Professor Dillweed,  thanks for spoiling a great night of comedy.  I'm sure Lewis Black will have fond memories of NEPA because of you.  Nice work.  Next time why don't you stay home & watch Cops.  Maybe you'll see yourself on TV!

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01/31/2011 4:36AM
Comedy Tourettes
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