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Cancer Sucks!!!

A painless little prick!  I didn't feel a thing.  And that, along with your answers to a few questions is all it takes to possibly find a cure for Cancer.

Thanks to everyone that joined me Saturday for the Cancer Prevention Study at the Coal Street Ice Rink.  All the volunteers with the American Cancer Society were over-the-top excited with the response.  Let's keep it going!!!

If you've ever had a friend or family member diagnosed with Cancer, you've probably felt helpless.  Now you can do something about it.

If you are between the ages of 30 and 65 and have never been diagnosed with Cancer go to and volunteer to participate.  It takes just a few minutes. And you can help create a world with less Cancer, and more birthdays.

The next enrollment is Tuesday January 29, 3-7:30pm at the Coal Street Ice Rink in Wilkes-Barre.

And if you can't make it, tell a friend!

Let's keep working together for a Cancer-free tomorrow!!!

And THANKS AGAIN for Saturday.


Hangin' with my buds Brian Coe of the Pens and Jamie Kane from the American Cancer Society

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01/27/2013 5:04PM
Cancer Sucks!!!
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01/30/2013 9:23AM
I just heard from the American Cancer Society. Over 250 signed up for the study on Saturday and Tuesday. Thanks for getting involved and doing your part to BEAT CANCER. ~Rock
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