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Can I Marry Your Daughter?

I pretty much got killed on phone calls and texts this morning after I said guys don’t ask their girlfriend’s Dad for permission to marry anymore.  I really thought this was a tradition from another generation.

Didn’t this custom disappear with malt shoppes, 57 Chevys and sock hops?

My question:  Does anyone UNDER 30 still do this?  I didn’t think so.

Wow!  You would’ve thought I said something bad about puppies or the First Lady!

It is still the proper thing to do. 

And as we found out from a lot of our listeners, YOUR future in-laws will appreciate it.  You just might even catch them off-guard.  AND you will get this new relationship (with the in-laws) off to a good start!
I’ve been wrong before, but never THIS wrong!

Til the morning…


I'm 39 and I got married at the age of 21 and I don't think my husband asked for permission. I do have 2 young boys though and I would hope they would ask for permission because it is respectful.

Hi my name is Andrew I asked my father in law twice to marry my wife the 2nd time he gave his permission.  I’m 34 now I was 29 when I asked.

If a guy asks the parent,s permission ithas more to do with the respect the girl had for them, not his personal opinion.

I fully expect my daughter’s fiance to ask permission when they’re ready...respect should never go out of style.

I didn't ask her parents.  What the heck do I care what they have to say. I'm 27. We’ve been engaged for 7 months.

I was married once and got engaged in February this year and am getting married in September.  Neither time were my parents asked.

My 21 year old asked me about 6 months ago if I would be upset if he married his girlfriend and I told him make sure he asks her dad.  He said I already did!

My now husband asked my Dad for permission when we were 26 and we are now 29. My father’s response was "good luck with that... What am I getting in my dowry?”

Asking the bride’s parents permission or blessing is a tradition that is worth keeping no matter what age. I asked my wife’s 12 yr old son because her parents were gone & the son was the man of the house.

I'm 31 and my husband is 29. We are married a year and he talked to my Dad before he proposed.

My fiance, who is 24, asked my Dad for permission to marry me. We got engaged about 2 months ago.

I’m 26.  My fiance asked both my Mom and Dad before he proposed. I felt it was a huge act of respect not so much for us, but more for our parents because that is the era they were raised in.

My husband is 30 and we've been married 7 yrs and he asked BOTH my parents via fortune cookie!

Hey Rock. I’m 25 my hubby proposed AFTER asking my Dad when I was 23. All of his brothers have asked their Dad-in-laws before they asked their wives. There is  3 of them and the oldest is 31.

Me and my husband got married August 15th of last year. I am 22 he is 21. He did NOT ask my Father. the third floor from my parents now so it’s a bit tense. My Father didn’t even show up at my wedding. My mother walked me down the aisle.

Parents don't control who their daughter marries really anymore.  I would never make my daughter’s fiance ask my husband for permission.  It's as if he believes they own me when it's my decision so,  no,  men don't have to ask for their Father’s permission nor any of that!

Hey I’m 23 and I asked for my wife’s Father’s permission to marry her. I even asked him permission to date her.

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08/08/2012 8:28PM
Can I Marry Your Daughter?
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