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Bye bye Bermuda!

Just wrapped up our 2nd beautiful day in Bermuda.  Off we went for another fun-filled day on the beach.  This time we hit Snorkel Park, a short 10 minute walk from our ship.

It's an awesome beach with snorkeling (OK, that's obvious), kayaks, bar & grille, and one of the coolest things we've ever seen anywhere...

...beach-side beds!  What a concept!!!  You can chill out on a Sealy Posturepedic.  And the beach had one of the coolest looking pieces of driftwood--

Sue got yelled at by the bartender after we dragged over one of the bar chairs to the beach shower.  She'd been on her feet all day, still bouncing back from the achilles injury, and need a break.  "Those are $200 chairs, they can't get wet!"

The fish were everywhere!  You didn't even need snorkel gear to see them.

We had a great lunch in town, Grouper sandwich, Bermuda Chowder with Sherry Pepper sauce and an amazing dish called Chicken Takki with Curry & ginger.

When we jumped back on the ship we ran into Sharon & Justin from Peckville.  They were the lucky contest winners that got to cruise for free.

What a cute couple.  And Sunday on the ship, Justin rocked Sharon's world with an engagement ring!

Congratulations guys!!!

We all waved goodbye to Bermuda.  Following a brief rain shower a rainbow appeared.

Cool huh?

Here we come NEPA.

Catch you back on the radio Monday morning!

Rocky & Sue

09/14/2010 2:56PM
Bye bye Bermuda!
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09/20/2010 3:40AM
Rocky, sue, Love your pics. Sue did the chair get wet? lol. Just wanted to ask if you know where your going on your ghost hunt this year? I went with you guys about 2 years ago. Had a greart time. This year I'm going to Salem Mss. Oct 30, 31 I'll send you guys some pics. Any requests???
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