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Bullies SUCK!!!

Let’s face it:  BULLIES SUCK.  I’ve been there.

When I was growing up I was always the smallest in my class.  I got picked on until my Freshman year of High School.  Sadly,  I didn’t do a thing about it, except take it.

That’s not right.

There’s no reason for ANYONE to be picked on.

And things are a lot worse now.

When I was a kid bullying was just physical & verba.  That was bad enough.  Cyber bullying has taken this abuse to a whole new level.

That’s why Lissa and I have decided to broadcast live this Monday, October 1 from West Hazleton Elementary/Middle School for their kNOw BULLYING kickoff.

Over 1000 students, teachers, administration and family members will be spelling out kNOw BULLYING on the baseball field at 10am to spread awareness about this serious issue.

What can YOU do?

Talk to your kids about bullying.  And check to see if they have a Bully-free program at their school.
And if you are a student that’s getting picked on, tell an adult.  Talk to one of your teachers, your principal or your Mom and Dad.  And don’t stop until something is done.


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09/24/2012 6:38PM
Bullies SUCK!!!
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09/25/2012 10:35AM
My bullys made my fame..
All throw school k- 12 I was bully .I put what they said into action.With all the time i had with my bullys bullying me I teach myself to dance by myself..In high school I got called hillbilly and redneck..Two years after school I come up with a show called healbilly prep..Just to show my bullys that what they had to say only made me strong and there hate is my fame.My show is spelled healbilly prep Because what people had to say about me did'nt hurt me it only made me use there hate in way to show the world who I'm...here is two link to my page http://youtu.be/xwkrSQMsSYA http://youtu.be/poQc3wcfgJw
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