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Beer, birds & beating the pavement

Hope you had a great weekend despite the less than favorable weather. Friday I kicked things off with a Weyerbacher  (great microbrewery from Easton, PA)beer tasting @ Krugels Deli & Beer in WB Twsp. They were Friday's Premium Perk--hope you took advantage of that amazing deal.

Krugel's is like a candy store for big kids!  This is just a small selection of their 1100 different kinds of beer.

That's me with my bud Bosco who works at our sister station WILK.

Saturday I vegged on the couch for most of the day.  That's where the birds come in.   I watched a really bad movie on SyFy--"Roadkill".  This movie was SO BAD I couldn't stop watching it.  The premise?  A bunch of 20 somethings are touring Ireland in a rented RV.  Gypsies place a curse on them in which a giant bird tries to kill them one-by-one.  No surprise this movie had great dialogue!

Chick:  Will you calm down.
Dude:  How can I calm down, our best friend was just killed by a giant bird!

Sunday I hit the pavement for the 6th Annual RUN FOR THE RED in Stroudsburg.  The rain finally stopped when it was time to start the race.

Shout out to my running mates, Lisa the Marathon Mom and the rest of the NF Endurance Team.  Good times, great people. 

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05/15/2011 6:01PM
Beer, birds & beating the pavement
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