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Tap Water Isn't Good Enough

Jennifer Aniston feels that tap water isn’t good enough for her dogs, she only gives them $2/bottle designer water.

Crazy?  I deal with a similar situation in our house.  Sue doesn’t think dog food is good enough for our guys.  She insists on mixing in people food like ground turkey, hamburger or even rotisserie chicken.  She’ll even bring home a kiddie ice cream cone for them to share.

I’m not totally innocent.  When I leave the house I’ll keep music or Animal Planet on for them.  But that’s about it.

What kind of EXTREME THINGS do you do for your pets?

Here’s a few texts from today’s show--
--I bake my dogs cookies! They love the applesauce/cinnamon ones!
--I have to agree with Jennifer Aniston. A few years ago both of our dogs contracted giardiasis from the tapwater. I'm very reluctant anymore to give them tapwater that is not filtered
--My friend had a chihuahua that she won't let walk. She carries it in a little purse.
--My grandmother cooked her shih tzu steak and eggs for breakfast every morning. We got cereal or oatmeal.
--My chow-pom is 6yrs old--never even tasted dog food strictly what we eat she eats and once a week she gets a bath, blowdry & pedicure and litterly jumps in the tub and stays stil thru the whole procedure all the way til the french manicure drys!!!
--My aunt only feeds her dog oven roasted rotisserie chicken and it can only be Perdue, no other brands or kind plus only filtered water. She says the dog won't eat anything else. She's been going it for 8 years now
--My dad's girlfriend will choose her menu item specifically so she can bring leftovers for her dog when they go out.
--My uncle’s dog eats at the table and has whatever theyre having. Steaks, burgers, ice cream, he has it all. I dont think hes had dog food since he was adopted. 
--My dog does not eat any dog food. If we go to McDonald's, he gets a hamburger. If we make pork chops, he gets his own pork chop. He has a full wardrobe as well! Including a stroller!
--My friend buys frozen marrow bones from the grocery store- it's like a Popsicle but once it starts to thaw it looks like a murder scene
--I have a golden and on days i wear a head band or a tshirt his bandana matches me. We have to match.

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