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Thank you everyone for making Let It Show 2014 AMAZING!!! This was my favorite Let It Show yet! Some pics....

Mary Lambert


Beautiful Lucia, who came with her awesome mom Francine

Christina Perri

Abbie, Becca, and Vanessa - LOVE them!! They were so fun!

Sarah & Jenna getting ready to meet Christina Perri! Look at their custom Christina t-shirts!! NICE!

Bea Miller

Before You Exit

Rocky & I with Mary Lambert. She was one of the KINDEST, most genuine artists I've ever worked with! Hope our paths cross again. She's a true class act!!
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Nov 11, 2014 ~ holy s%#$.... I cooked.

First of all HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all our beloved servicemembers today! We owe everything to you. Our love and appreciation always! I'm sitting here with a risotto hangover and still-full belly from my cooking lesson last night. Yes, I cooked!!! Someone tell my mom. Haha professional Chef Michael Langdon and his 10 yr old son Ayden offered to teach me, after they heard me say on the air that I don't know how to cook ANNNYTHING for my boyfriend.

So.... one risotto, one chicken parmesan, and two salads later = I did it!!! THANK YOU Michael & Ayden so much! You guys are a blast!

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Nov 7, 2014 - Thanks Jasmine!!

Big thanks to my girl JASMINE BROOKS from WBRE TV for doing her newscast from our radio show Wednesday morning! Jasmine, you're beautiful inside and out! Was a wonderful pleasure to have you in the studio!

She wanted to convey what goes into making a radio show and how we work behind the scenes. I hope it was educational for everyone watching, even though there is very little work behind the scenes lol....

Awww we used each other's mics. Ain't we cute?

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October 14, 2014 - Electric City Music Awards

Hey just wanted to say THANKS everyone who voted - Jackson Vee and I won "Best Duo" at The Electric City Music Awards over the weekend!! We really appreciate all your support, and to those who came to see us at Kildare's Sunday night = you ROCK! Thanks again :)

What a terrific weekend!!!!

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Oct 6, 2014 ~ bras across the bridge

THANK YOU everyone for making Bras Across The Bridge such a HUGE success!! Hopefully we'll have a fundraising total later today, but safe to say LOTS of money raised for breast cancer yesterday, so let's all smile at that :) 

Some of my pics....

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Sept 23, 2014 ~ blood, sweat, and gears

THANK YOU everyone who came out to the Red Cross Blood Drive I hosted at Pocono Raceway last week! We had record numbers and that's all thanks to YOU, Northeast PA. Plus it helped that they were letting everyone who donated $10 drive their own cars around the Tricky Triangle! WEEEEHOOOOO!!! 

Don't forget to grab the Red Cross App, to keep tabs on all the local drives/events. Remember: cool kids give blood. REALLY cool kids give it often.

They said "try to look badass"! So I kinda look like I'm being knighted. Not sure why I thought this was badass...

Harvesting the Lissy Lou red cells. Happy to help :)

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Sept 10 2014 ~ SMACKDOWN

Kay, so I'm permanently indebted to the WWE for putting us ringside at the Smackdown event last night! My brother Andy is perhaps the BIGGEST wrestling fan in the universe and we both lost our minds when we saw our great seats! I interviewed the Miz earlier yesterday morning, so I guess this was their way of saying thanks. Ummm..... you're very welcome!!!! :)

If you look closely (on Syfy Channel Friday night) you'll see our faces in the broadcast. Right behind the announcers. I'm the one bottom left, smiling like an idiot. My bro is to my right and my boyfriend on my left. What a GREAT SHOW! And always cool to see hundreds of kids out at these events, so excited and in awe!! Even us grown-up kids. Pretty amazed!

Gee, I wonder which one's Lissa.  #superfan

The Miz w/ Rocky, Lissa, & Freddie = VERY nice, cool guy!

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Aug 28 2014 ~ pals n pitbull

It's been a CRAZY last few weeks of summer here! Between KISS & Def Lep at Montage, me getting nominated for two Electric City Music Conference Awards (thank you BTW), apartment hunting with my boyfriend (cohabitation time - yikes haha), and my friends having wonderful fun celebrations (babies & birthdays), it's almost escaped me that summer is ending. I don't mind - I love fall! Always been my favorite season.

I'm THRILLED I got to see two of my best friends I rarely see - the first, Nicole (those of you who've seen me play live, you know I wrote a song for her "Nicole's Song") I hung out with her Saturday. SUCH an inspiration, such a joy to me! And we always laugh til we cry!

And then on Tuesday I went to the Pitbull concert in Allentown with my girl Danielle! You may remember Danielle as our former intern - she was on the air with us for a semester in 2012. She's a friend for LIFE definitely!! She's finishing up school at Temple (gradutes in December) so I'm gonna try to get her a job here! Haha of course...

Pitbull's show was SICK!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 5 2014 ~ electric city music conference

Wow. THANK YOU Electric City Music Conference for nominating me for Female Vocalist Of The Year!! Also Duo Of The Year with my buddy Jackson Vee! 

If you wanna vote for us, click here: VOTE

Hope to see you at the party October 10th!!!

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July 23, 2014 ~ Gio and Frankie bring joy

It's been a VERY happy couple days for me! Two of the biggest reasons are 1) my best friend Desiree giving birth to a beeeeeautiful healthy baby boy last Wednesday - his name is Giovanni, he's an angel with a smile that never goes away! And 2) a TERRIFIC turnout for Frankie's Voice 5K on Sunday! This run/walk was in memory of 24 yr old Frank Bonacci from Dunmore who was killed last year at this time. All proceeds went to anti-violence and children's advocacy groups. We had the organizers and some of Frankie's family on the air with us on Friday - wonderful people!

And look for this race footage on Dateline at some point, the crew was there all morning filming us. I'm sure they're doing a whole episode on Frankie. Thanks everyone who made this such an inspirational day!

Jenis and I meeting Desiree's baby Gio!

Played a gig at Andy Gavin's the night before the race, BIG THANKS to my girls Missy & Jen Esken for coming out!

Frankie's Voice 5K Run/Walk!! Orange was his favorite color....

My boyfriend convinced me to walk instead of run. That's how you know it's true love.

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