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August 30, 2013 ~ inbox smells like bad parents

Remember a simpler time? When Britney Spears still had her real hair, and no one knew the word “twerk”, and we didn’t realize Pepe Lepew was basically sexually assaulting that cat? I’m talking about childhood. Twas a blissful period for me because I had a vivid imagination and awesome parents. (I thought I was The Little Mermaid, they were just happy I was taking baths. It worked.)

But I got a message from a woman on facebook the other day, a mother, who made me sick to my stomach for another kid. Lemme explain: I don’t even know this woman (she claims to have met me at Backyard Alehouse two years ago…okay maybe) but she was trying to use her SICK KID to get Maroon 5 tickets! This was NOT part of a giveaway, not part of a KRZ thing, she just wanted ME to get them for her because her child is sick, thank you very much. Actually she didn’t even say thank you…

When I told her I couldn’t help her she swore at me and told me her daughter’s condition was gonna get worse. Because Lissa devastated her. I couldn’t believe it! My response:

“No – YOU devastated her. Why would you promise her something you don’t even know if you can get? And WHY didn’t you just buy tickets for her if it meant that much to her? So now you’re gonna make me feel like a jerk because I’m not a magic ticket genie?! Newsflash lady: concert tickets don’t cure cancer. And if I DID have two extra tickets I’d take your kid to the concert myself just so she could be away from YOUR soulless black heart for two hours.”

Then I facebook blocked her.

I don’t care if my response was harsh - people who use their kids like that make me sad/angry/infinitely sympathetic for the child. I can’t imagine. No one minds if you include a note about your child’s condition if you’re trying to win a giveaway or something, but to just pimp her out like that when you’re trying to randomly hit up a stranger? Not cool. On that note, I’d like to thank all the parents who rightfully DID win tickets for their kids, because you’re awesome for introducing the younger generation to the world of music! The Little Mermaid would be proud. Now I’m gonna say a quick prayer for that darling sick little girl that her mom stops being Ursula the Sea Witch.

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08/30/2013 5:27AM
August 30, 2013 ~ inbox smells like bad parents
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10/19/2013 10:49PM
I think it's awesome that you said that to her; who knows, maybe no one else has ever told her what a scummy thing that was to do! People like that need a smack of honesty instead of people not saying anything to her face! Good for you, Lissa!!
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