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August 27, 2012 ~ this needs to stop

No means no unless it comes from my mouth. WTH?! Twice a week I get emails from a PR company trying to get their client on the air with us. Their client is an author who penned two books regarding chiropractic issues. I know what you’re thinking – WHY are you waiting, Lissa?!  Book this man before he turns into a global phenom and doesn’t have TIME for piddly little radio interviews!!!

I don’t mean to make fun of the author. He’s probably a very smart, well adjusted (get it - spinal humor) man. My issue is with the person sending these emails. EVERY TIME they start with: “Are you always wondering why chiropractors get a bad rap”? And every time I think: no. I don’t think anyone wonders that. Why would they? And to use the word "always"? Haaa....Yes. Always. Constantly. It's right under "Paying Bills" and "Birth Control" on my list of concerns.

First of all, KRZ’s audience is mainly young females (18-34). Chicks like me. Translation: if we care about chiropractors AT ALL, it’s because we hurt ourselves at Zumba (Lissa)  or drunkenly fell off our friend’s porch (Lissa) and need a little alignment assistance. Doesn’t mean we sit and think about it, hoping to hear some random guy on the radio whining about how nobody thinks he’s a real doctor. I’m sorry, but we don’t.

Who’s the public relations genius sending these emails to a Top 40 station in the first place?! And why, after several reponses of “no thank you” DO YOU CONTINUE TO SEND THEM?! If I were author-chiropractor guy and this were my agent, I would strangle him and demand my money back.

See, people wonder why I don’t have a manager/agent when it comes to my music – THIS is why. I don’t want some spamhead in Fruitypatoot California mass emailing venues or media personnel and annoying the crap outta them in the name of my music. Lesson of the day: know your product. Know your approach. Know the word NO. This is also helpful on dates…..Italian guy from the bar last weekend.

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08/27/2012 11:22AM
August 27, 2012 ~ this needs to stop
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