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Aug 7, 2012 ~ my Nascar experience

When we were kids my mom would always use the phrase “we don’t” whenever referencing something she didn’t want us to do. We don’t curse. We don’t hit. We don’t eat ketchup right from the bottle. Like it was family policy to avoid these things. So it cracked me up the other day at the Nascar race when I leaned over and asked “Who’s number forty eight?”, and my mother (who never says a mean word about ANYBODY) goes “That’s Jimmie Johnson. We don’t like him.” Ha!
As you may know, this was my first time EVER at a Nascar race and my parents were in from Michigan, excited to be going with me. They’re very passionate about their Nascar drivers. They’re also very passionate about not standing under metal beams when lightning strikes. So we fled at the first sign of icky weather. Aside from that, we had a BLAST at the race! I will definitely be going to another one! Allow me to bore you with a couple photos from our togetherness…

Me w Mom & Dad in our AWESOME seats!

They let us on the track!! Check out turn #1 - LOVE Pocono Raceway!

Mommy & Me :) What a FUN DAY!

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08/07/2012 9:50AM
Aug 7, 2012 ~ my Nascar experience
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08/07/2012 10:17AM
At least Mom was wearing a classic Dale Jr hat! Too bad his transmission blew up...Glad you had fun and were safe from the rain. It was a bad storm. One person was hit by lightning when the storm hit... Rob @ Stickman Radio
08/07/2012 10:31AM
Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!
First NASCAR race is always the best experience. You see it on TV but it gets taken to a whole new level when you experience it in person. Now I know who to call next year when I have an extra ticket up in the Terrace Club!
08/07/2012 2:18PM
Haha Terrace Club? Count me in! Yeah, when those cars fired up I actually got chills!! Ninety degrees out and I had goose bumps. What a cool experience! ....and Rob - I'll tell Mom you like her chapeau :) She'll appreciate that! ~Lissa
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