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April 29, 2011 ~ balls and pancakes..... IT'S FRIDAY!!

At The Colosseum last night I walked up to the bar to get a drink and stood behind a big tough dude who looked like Common (that's a rapper, in case you live in a cave). Muscular, tattooed, gorgeous. He was talking to a Ronnie from Jersey Shore lookalike. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. I would give a kerzillion dollars to know what precipitated their exchange, but I caught the tail end of one of the WEIRDEST sentences I’ve ever heard in a nightclub:

 “Naw, man, ya gotta put the chocolate chips in AFTER the pancake batter’s ON THE GRIDDLE! Come ON!” And then they both laughed hysterically. Hahaaaa…..pancake batter?

Why the hell would two of the manliest specimens I’ve ever seen inside Scranton city limits be discussing PANCAKES on a Thursday night at The Colosseum Nightclub? I must know this.

Maybe it's some kind of disgusting new slang that I just haven’t heard yet. Chocolate chips could be code for genitalia or something. And the batter is…..um….never mind.

Anyway – AVENGED SEVENFOLD CONCERT TONIGHT!!!!! Woooo hoooo! Be there or kindly be square. Devil horns up….. DE-NEET!!!!

And tomorrow…..1pm……“Kickin’ It For Music 2” at the Scandlon Center! All ages. Five bucks. Watch us play kickball against a bunch of awesome bands and then they put on a concert following our crushing defeat. All proceeds benefit local high schools’ Music & Arts programs (and without Music & Arts, my own high school experience would’ve been empty and excruciating. Moreso……So let’s get these kids some money dammit!) THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

Have a great weekend - be safe!


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04/29/2011 6:59AM
April 29, 2011 ~ balls and pancakes..... IT'S FRIDAY!!
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