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April 1, 2013 ~ this day is for jerks

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!! Here's hoping that nobody makes an ass out of you today. I, personally, like to do that for myself. Don't appreciate others horning in on my racket. I mean, let's face it: this day is for jerks. You're basically allowed to lie to people, make them cry, ruin their clothing, possibly maim them, and as long as you follow it with "APRIL FOOLS", you're immune. Sucks.

But seriously, if you were thinking of breaking up with your boyfriend, try this today: "Honey, I'm pregnant.... APRIL FOOLS!! I just don't love you anymore! Hahaha! Harharharrrr!! " He'll be so relieved you're NOT pregnant, the sting of your rejection will hurt much less. You're welcome.

Hope you and had a good Easter yesterday too - I had to work in NYC on my rock radio show, couldn't be with my family, but that's okay! I bought muffins and orange juice for two homeless guys in Port Authority, made me feel pretty good about myself. Unless they wound up there as a result of a bankrupt muffin or juice business. Then I was just being a smartass..... whoops. APRIL FOOLS!! YOU WILL EAT WHAT I BRING YOU!! hahaa Lissy needs to go home. I'm a prank magnet sitting here.... Talk to you tomorrow!

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04/01/2013 10:54AM
April 1, 2013 ~ this day is for jerks
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