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My Scary Ex!

Wow!  No shortage of reaction to this morning's MY SCARY EX topic.  You break off a relationship...are you prepared for what may happen next?

Here's a few listener comments.  Feel free to add to the list.

Two years ago I broke up with my boyfriend. We were going out for about 2 years and that day that I broke up with him he went out and got a tattoo of my name on his wrist.

My one ex came to my house at like 4am, and blew up a whole bunch of balloons and wrote something he liked about me on every one of them and put them in my car. My other ex would drop things off at my house that reminded him of me. Like my favorite candy. Ninja turtles, etc.

My x put an ad with my phone number in the newspaper saying I was selling chickens so my phone wouldn't stop ringing for 2 weeks.

My ex was super creepy. He would stand over me while I was sleeping and just watch me. The worst was one night he actually checked my pulse to see if I was sleeping

My ex used to break into my apartment almost every night for a month and would just sit there and cry for hours when i came home

I broke up with my bf on Friday. Yesterday he sent over 115 messages pleading for a fourth chance! No way in Hell!!!!

Hours after I broke up with him, I found a bag at my front door with every item I had either given to him or something that may have reminded him of me inside the bag. He must have went through his house immediately after me hanging up the phone, packed everything up and immediately left for the almost 3 hour drive!

My scary ex broke into my house and planted condoms in my dryer so my wife would try to leave me.

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