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Hi friends!
2014 is off to a great start! We have lots of fun things in the works for the year on the show and as of Sunday, I've been married for 3 months! 3 months down, a lifetime to go. Married life is great ... there's something really cool about promising to spend forever with your favorite person. :)

10 days ago I started Weight Watchers online. So far, I really like it because it's easy to track on the app ... but to be honest, I really havent, my routine hasn't really changed. I was already making good choices, so I'm hoping maybe the close attention will make the difference. I'll wait an entire month before posting any results because I want to give it a fair chance. So many of you tweeted me your success with the WW program, so I'm hoping to see the same. The one thing I NEED to do is step it up at the gym. It's just so hard to actually get there. I really need to drag my ass there before coming into work.

Speaking of making good choices, I found the best (GOOD FOR YOU) protein bars ever. Most protein bars are candy in disguise... but not these. Check out QUEST bars if you're looking for something sweet that's REALLY low in sugar, high in protein and fiber. You can thank me later. I've tried most of the flavors, chocolate peanut butter is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.

This weekend my 2 godchildren are coming for a visit. I'm so exicted! I have a fun filled weekend planned for them and will check in on twitter! If you have any ideas or MUST DO things with kids in Poconos - email me!


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