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Invisalign with Dr. Lawrence : I'm HALFWAY!

This morning was a very exciting appointment with Dr. Lawrence . . . i'm not officially on the second half of my Invisalign treatment! Can you see a difference?

My last appointment will be at the end of September, just in time to be done with my Invisalign for the wedding. I am SO glad I started this process when I did . . . so i'll have a perfect smile for our big day! If you're self conscious about your smile or maybe like me had braces when you were younger and your teeth have shifted ... call Dr. L! This whole thing is flying by, i'm so happy I didn't wait any longer than I did and now i'm almost done! Dr. L is SO nice ... all of the ladies in his office are super friendly ... and they can hook you up with a consultation! 288-5588!
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Graduation Weekend in RI!
It's no secret that I cry easily ... but the things that make me cry are SO random. John and I went home to RI to attend a couple college graduations/parties and I teared up when they started playing Pomp and Circumstance and the graduates marched through the crowd to their seats. I don't know what it is about ceremonial things like that, but I tear up every time. My cousin Brett graduated from Roger Williams University and my mom's boyfriend's daughter, Dina, graduated from Rhode Island College.

Me, Brett, and my Fiance John! :)

We went from his luncheon to a surprise graduation party for Dina!

I ordered cake pops from Dipped in Pittston as favors for her party. Look how awesome they came out?! Amy at Dipped is amazing! She really goes above and beyond ... and LOVES custom orders! Definitely give her a call for your next party ... everyone loved them!

I made one of these GIANT cards for the graduates! They were a big hit!

A great weekend ended with me being rushed to the hospital in excrutiating pain for what we later found out was a KIDNEY STONE! Ughhhhhhh! It felt a lot like a gall bladder attack (but I don't have one of those anymore!) it was terrible. Thankfully feeling much better today! :)
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Guys Night Out For The Girls!
Friday night was our first GUYS NIGHT OUT FOR THE GIRLS in years and we had a BLAST! We had a great group of ladies and the night got WILD! To protect the privacy of the ladies in attendance, i'm just posting a couple pictures from the beginning of the night! :)

This is our driver John from Nasser Limosine.

Our group!

The shirts!

It was GREAT meeting you ladies! Hope to see some of you next year at GUYS NIGHT OUT FOR THE GIRLS 2014! Special thanks to the Grandview for being wonderful hosts! :)
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Guess what today is?!
Today is our 6 year anniversary! Our working anniversary! I started here at KRZ 6 years ago today! Reflecting on the last 6 years ... we've had a lot of laughs and i've been forced to do lots of things I wish I hadn't. Remember that time I inseminated a COW?!

That was SO gross. If you haven't watched that video yet ... definitely click on the link. But DON'T do it while you're eating. It's DISGUSTING!

Just wanted to say thank you for listening and welcoming me into your radio family! Here's to 6 more! :) XO

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May is Skin Cancer/Melanoma Awareness Month
Hi friends! On this beautiful day I wanted to kick off the month of May, which happens to be Skin Cancer/Melanoma Awareness Month with some informational reminders! As many of you who listen to our show and read my blog know, I was diagnosed with Melanoma in August of 2011. It was by the far scariest thing i've ever faced and continues to be a part of my life every day moving forward.

The main thing I want to preach is to know your body! Know what the moles on your  body look like. Count them. Make a mental note of what they look like. If something new appears or something old changes - show your doctor. YOU are your first line of defense!

If you're interested in reading more about my experience with Melanoma, a beauty blog that I review products on did a Q&A with me for Skin Cancer/Melanoma Awareness Month. You can read it here! XO

This is the BEST visual explanation of the ABCDE's of Melanoma i've found. Mine was E - Evolving.

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