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Posts from April 2013

Are we REALLY out of toothpaste?
Yesterday the Fiance and I ran errands and had a lazy day. It was pretty awesome. While we were wandering through Target he said, "we're totally out of toothpaste." We grabbed out usual Crest 3D White and carried on. When we got back home, I brought the new toothpaste to the bathroom where I found the old tube in the trash. I don't know if you can tell from the top photo or not, but it doesn't really LOOK empty . . . and it wasn't!

I decided to cut open the toothpaste tube to see just how wasteful we really are. Thus, the bottom photo.

I was able to squeeze THAT MUCH toothpaste out of the bottom of the tube after cutting it open! EYE OPENING to say the least. This is totally going to make me think twice the next time I think we're ALL OUT!  That's a lot of product!
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Boston Strong
I've been glued to the news, UStream feeds, and Twitter all morning since I woke up ... crazily seeking more information throughout the man hunt for Suspect 2 in the Boston Bombings. A few of you have asked where the National Anthem audio we played yesterday on the show came from. During all of this chaos, it seems most appropriate to continue to sharing this beautiful display of pride from the Bruins game the other night.
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