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Invisalign Trays 6!
Wooo hoooo! I'm already 1/3 of the way through my INVISALIGN treatment! Last night I switch into my 6th (out of 18) set of Invisalign aligners! The top pic is from last night ... the bottom is from today! Slowly but surely ... it's coming along! I'm so glad I finally decided to do this. After wearing braces for 5 years as a kid, it was a total BUMMER to realize how much my teeth shifted over the past 10 or so years. I'll be all done around September and this whole thing is flying by. If Invisalign is something you've been thinking about ... I can tell you they are comfortable, easy to wear, easy to remove, and NO ONE CAN TELL I HAVE THEM! I'm wearing them in both of these photos! Awesome, right?

Call Dr. Stephen Lawrence for a consultation. He's really nice and so is everyone else who works in his office. It's a pleasant environment that you won't dread going to. Trust me, I wasn't a huge fan of the dentist before this experience either ... but his staff is lovely and makes it a nice visit each time! Call and get your consultation going now ... 288.5588! You can also see some before and afters at! :) Any questions? Feel free to comment or email me! XO

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3.18 Spring Cleaning Turned Good For the Soul
I had the itch to dive into some SPRING CLEANING (a little early, I know) this weekend and man it felt good. We sent tons of clothes to donation and really got rid of the clutter. It was a nice cleansing! :) While I was sifting through the "STUFF" I found an old backpack I used in high school. You know, the LL BEAN ones with your monogram? Yup, I still have mine. Royal blue, it was my favorite. I was about to shove it back in the closet, but decided to check all of the zippers first. Inside the smallest one, I found a note from my late grandmother. She was like a second mom to me, growing up with a single parent ... my mom and Grammoo were my everything. She was one of my favorite people ever. My gram passed away shortly after I left for college.

I may have known this note existed before, but I don't remember it AT ALL. There in my backpack, I found this note from her. The first sentence said, "just a few words to let you know how proud I am of you." She signed it "LOL" before the days of texting. She meant it as LOTS OF LOVE.

I didn't know I needed this, but I definitely did. Turns out SPRING CLEANING can be good for your soul! :)
Have you ever found something meaningful while cleaning? Maybe something from a loved one who has since passed away?
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NAIL WRAPS . . . What am I doing wrong?
I made another attempt at nail wraps over the weekend and unfortunately just can't get it down. Am I missing something? If you're a beauty junkie like me, you can check out my review of these ncLA nail wraps here! Shannon, a local beauty addict started A Girl's Gotta Spa, beauty blog, years ago and i'm reviewing some fun new products there!
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Don't Forget to Visit SEPHORA On Your Birthday!
Hi, my name is Amanda and i'm a makeup junkie.  I love messing around with new makeup and I always share the products I try and fall in the love with. This one however, was FREE and INCREDIBLE. Double WIN! SEPHORA always gives a free birthday gift to Sephora Beauty Insiders (you join their club) and this year they are giving deluxe-sized samples of BENEFIT's they're real! mascara and watt's up! champagne highlighter.

The highlighter is what i'm super excited about. It is HANDS DOWN the best highlighter i've EVER used. I will definitely be purchasing the full size product when this deluxe sample runs out.
So the point to this post is . . . don't forget to visit Sephora during your birthday!!! (I'm told you can pick it up 14 days before or after your birthday) Beauty Insiders - you don't want to miss out on this great FREE gift!

Read more here:

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3.7 Invisalign Tray 5!
I stopped by Dr. Lawrence's office this morning to pick up my 5th set of Invisalign trays! I can't believe how fast this whole process is flying by! 5 out of 18 trays down! Woooo! Trust me, I was never someone who "liked" going to the dentist before now, but Dr. L and his staff are all SO nice.  I'm so glad I took the first step 2 months ago and went in for a consultation because before I know it, my teeth will be perfect! If it's something you've been thinking about - schedule a consult and let Dr. L show you the awesome computer animation of your own teeth with Invisalign (It's SUPER cool!) or 288.5588.

Speaking ofSUPER COOL technology, Dr. Lawrence prides himself on being a geek and is on top of all of the new dental technology. They were just showing me all of this awesome technology this morning. If you've ever needed a crown before, you've probably had to go in, get a nasty impression done, then come back 3 weeks later after they crown was sent out to be made, right? Not anymore! Well, atleast not at Dr. Lawrence's office. He got this awesome new technology that gets everything done and made from start to finish in an hour and half. No second appointment, no temporary crown, no impressions, no waiting.

It's CEREC technology and basically a camera will take photos in your mouth and then the technology and this little machine MOLD a cube of porcelain into your crown. It's INCREDIBLY cool. I literally stay there to watch the machine make a patient's new crown while he waited in the other room - it was SO neat.
Needless to say ... Dr. Lawrence's office is ahead of the dental trends ... not just my awesome Invisalign! :)
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3.6 New Beauty Finds!

Hey friends! For years I've loved sharing new beauty finds and favorites with you here and i'm excited to tell you about a new place i'm reviewing products. A local woman named Shannon started one of the TOP beauty blogs years ago and asked me if i'd be interested in reviewing beauty products there. Of course I jumped at the chance because let's face it . . .. if there's a new product on the shelves, chances are i've either tried it, plan to try it, or asked other people if they've tried it. Check out or just click here! XO
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