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Posts from November 2012

11.26 MmmmmM!

Hi friends! Hope you had a great holiday ... eating lots of turkey and yummy things! I mentioned last week that I planned to bake Domino Light OATMEAL Chocolate Chip COOKIES to bring home to my family in Rhode Island, so I wanted to share a pic! They went over really well and the first thing everyone said was, "they are perfect, not too sweet, and SO moist!" Domino Light gives the cookie a nice consistentcy and they were SO moist! Get the recipe here -

While I was home I celebrated my best friend Sarah's upcoming wedding with her BACHELORETTE Party!

And also ... BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS! Believe it or not, my mom and I had 1 appointment and it was the 3rd dress I put on. She was doing that weird faced cry and I was nervous giggling ... it was just the one. I'm obviously not going to post it here because I don't want John (fiance!) to see it, but if you follow me on PINTEREST, it's a combination of most of the dresses i've pinned. You can see the real thing in October! :)

Ooooh the wedding bells are ringing and I can't wait to start planning the FUN stuff!

Dress ... CHECK!
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11.13 Sweating for the Wedding!
We mentioned this last week and i'm still alive to type this. I survived week 1. My friend Tanya and I are SWEATING for the WEDDING and doing one of the things I hate most - running! We're doing the Ease into 5K program, like the Couch to 5K program and I have to be honest, I REALLY LIKE IT. I've never liked running ... even playing YEARS of softball growing up, I even hated running the bases. But this is actually do-able and I feel good after we're done. We have tonight off, but we go back tomorrow. I dig it, so far. :) If you've been thinking about trying the program out, I think the APP for the iPhone was $2 or $3 and it's so easy to use. This is a screen shot from mine. It's called EASE INTO 5K and you work out 3 days a week ... and it never lasts more than a half hour. See why I like it? Now, let's see the results!
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11.12 What a week!
Whew. I've had quite the week ... into weekend. Boyfriend proposes, we're engaged, we now call him by his real name, John, and now we're already looking at venues! I love the Fall, so we quickly realized that if we wanted to even entertain the idea of getting married next Fall, we'd need to start looking at venues now. We toured a few over the weekend and it's incredible how different one venue is from another. We went prepared and had lots of questions . . . it was really fun, but it's how the different places answered the questions that is the not fun part. We don't want to feel like just some couple getting married ... we want to customize things and make them special. Those are the kinds of places we're leaning towards. But wow, NEPA and the Poconos have some beautiful sites for a wedding. That's all I have for now. We're having so much fun talking about getting married! :)

Thank you for all of the love! I've gotten many emails, facebook messages, and cards here to the station. I've tried to thank everyone for their congratulations ... but thank you again! Love the love! :) Boyfriend (now Fiance) is happy to finally have a name too! :)
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The BIG Announcement!
If you missed the big announcement today at 4:15 . . . i'm engaged! Boyfriend popped the question on Saturday at The Sapphire Salon and Spa! I was there having a girls day with my friend Tanya and after the BEST day ever, he was waiting there, surrounded by champagne, rose petals, candles, and chocolate covered strawberries ... and got down on one knee. It was so sweet... and all started with a box full of memories that led me down to wear he was.

Eeeeeeeee! Many of you didn't want to know his real name, but since we can't call him Boyfriend anymore, his real name is ... JOHN! :)

This is all happening kind of fast, but everyone's asking when we'll get married. Since I love the fall, we're thinking next fall ... but since it's a year away, we should really start planning things if that's the plan. We'll let all of this soak in for a few weeks and then get down to business. :) Here's a little glimpse of the day! I couldn't feel more blessed. He really is everything i've ever wanted in a guy ... and more. <3
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