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Posts from August 2012

8.27 "A" for Effort?
This is the cake I made for Boyfriend's dad's birthday this past weekend. It was my first time using an edible photo image at home and well . . . I learned a few lessons. If you ever decide to do a photo cake at home, don't put a lid on whatever you carry it with unless you know FOR SURE there is enough space between the lid and the cake. In transport, he lost part of his beard. :) It tasted good though, that's what counts, right?! Oh hey, and the thought! :)

Today marks 2 years with Boyfriend. Crazy, right? Before him, I feel like I was constantly blogging about horrible dates and meeting just about every creep within 50 miles. It's pretty awesome that while it feels like it was just yesterday that we met . . . at the same time it feels much longer than 2 years. We celebrated with a little date on Friday night and to my surprise, he braved the Michael Kors store all on his own and gave me the most beautiful purse as a gift. It's perfect for Fall . . . very exciting! A guy who goes to Michael Kors?! Score. :)
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8.23 The Lumineers!
Hey friends! Let's hear it for THURSDAY! I'm making today my Friday and taking tomorrow off to play CAKE BOSS. I'm baking Boyfriend's dad's birthday cake and well, I let my imagination get the best of me and realized i'm going to need a full day to accomplish everything i'm trying to do. I'll post pictures on Monday. I have high hopes for this masterpiece in the making! :)

I first heard this song a few weeks and i've quickly become obsessed with The Lumineers. Have you hear "Ho Hey" ??? I'd love to hear your thoughts? I'm listening on repeat for the 4th time already today ... there's something about it that I love ... like it?   
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8.20 Woo hoo!
The weekend FLEW by, but it was an awesome one! The vodka gummies turned out awesome (strong, but tolerable) and my friend Amanda's bachelorette party was a blast! I didn't take my pictures, but here are the ladies before we went out! :) Our shirts said "The girls are out to mingle for Amanda's last night single!" Cute, huh!?
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Bachelorette Fun!
I know I haven't showed you much love on here lately and i've been feeling extreme guilt about it. You see, i've been cheating on this blog with Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. No excuse. If you're on any of the above and we're not connected ... LIKE Jeff & Amanda on 98.5 KRZ on Facebook, AMANDAONAIR on Twitter and Amanda on 98.5 KRZ on Pinterest!

Moving on ... it's been a hectic summer! Lots of fun events going on here at the station and every weekend seems chock full of fun events. Last weekend, Boyfriend and I hosted a Summer Olympics party. We kicked some serious butt in beer pong ... (yeah, it was those kinds of events, nothing too athletic ;) but a blast!) This weekend, one of my close friends, also named Amanda, in NEPA is having her Bachelorette Party ... so i'll be in party mode all over again. I'm pretty sure there will be atleast 3 Amanda's in 1 limo, so i'll just assume no one is talking to me when I hear "Amanda!" Haha ... so for her Bach party, I decided to try something I saw on Pinterest... drunken gummies! Has anyone else been tempted to try these? Basically you just pour vodka over a bowl of gummy bear and let them sit for a week. The gummies swell up with vodka! Like a shot sort of. I used GUMMY flavored vodka, so we'll see how they turn out! (I'll let you know how they went over on Monday!) If you see a group of girls out on Saturday with matching shirts on ... that's us ... show the bride-to-be some love! Have a fun (and safe!) weekend! xo
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