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Posts from July 2012

7.24 Fifty Shades - Video!
Jeff Walker & The Wackjobs debuted their video for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY! Thankfully, they didn't include Christian's face ... so we can continue dreaming him up in our own heads! :)
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7.19 Match This Girl!
I'm like a teenage girl sometimes. I love talking about boys and dates . . . a lot. I also LOVE matchmaking! That being said, I also love hearing about dates-gone-wrong because i've been on my fair share of those and thankfully Boyfriend appeared in my life before I finally gave up on men all together.

I met a girl last week who just joined and plans to go on 50 dates in 180 days . . . and then blog about it! Fun, huh?! Her blog is at and so far, she's been on 2 not-so-great dates . . . but it's fun to read. One guy literally asked her if she is a "horn dog." Seriously? What is wrong with men?!  It's sad because I know a few really good guys who say the same thing about women and are looking for the good ones . . .  it's these creeps that make some people lose faith in the opposite sex!  As bad as some dates can be, I loved finding the humor in my own bad dates because eventually . . . all of those bad dates make you appreciate a good guy when he comes along. Fingers crossed that she finds "the one" before her membership ends . . . or atleast finds some cool guys that aren't creeps to go out with! I already told her my old dating rule of thumb - make them spell definitely. If was a good starting point for me in the dating world. :) 

Check it out. A fun read . . . and it's in real time! She has 48 more dates to go!
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7.18 2 DAYS and DONE!
I started reading BARED TO YOU on Sunday night. It's the book everyone is supposedly reading to fill the void left by Christian Grey and finishing FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. This is the first  book in the series and the next doesn't come out until October, so you have plenty of time to get on board. Let me just say, i'm not typically a fast reader. I tend to get bored and put books down after a chapter or two. With this one, I read atleast 100 pages at a time. I finished it last night. Yes, 2 days. If you miss Christian and Ana . . . you'll enjoy Gideon and Eva. Here's the thing though . . . the book is VERY similar to Fifty. The story line is basically the SAME in so many ways, but the differences are significant enough to make it a good read. I genuinely can't wait until October 2 for the next book to find out what happens next. It leaves SO MANY questions unanswered!

All I'm saying is . . . if you're itching for more of a FIFTY-like story . . . read Bared To You! :)
Also . . . i'm starting a book club! More details coming soon! :)  
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7.16 Bared to You!
Hey friends! Hope you had a sweet weekend in the heat! I spent Saturday at a friends bridal shower and yesterday at Kane's annual company picnic. It was a good time! Last night I finally had time to unwind and got the chance to start reading the book everyone says you'll LOVE if you loved FIFTY SHADES OF GREY! It's called Bared to You: A Crossfire by Sylvia Day and let me just tell you . . . i'm 100 pages in and LOVE it! It sucked me right in! I had the luxury of dreaming about the main character Gideon last night ... which was wonderful. My dreams have been so detailed and clear lately. :) I think it has something to do with drinking coffee late in the day - my dreams end up being crazy and vivid. If you liked the Fifty series, you'll probably like this book. There are already many similarities between the two, but BARED TO YOU is intense right from the start and WHOA ... it's ... umm ... filthy. The next one in the series comes out in October, so you have lots of time to jump on board this book trend.
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7.11 Back from VACA!
As amazing as vacation is . . . it feels good to be back in NEPA! After a few days off, I start to get a little uneasy and feel like i'm missing something back here at the station. I won't lie, I kind of started to miss Jeff a little too. Boyfriend and I spent some time in Cleveland, Cedar Point, and Put-In-Bay over the last week and had an awesome time. Wanna feel like you came on vacation with us? Here's my week in pictures ...

Cleveland is such a cool city. We visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ... which was a fun experience, but not exactly what I was expecting. There was a lot of cool memorabilia and the wall of inductees was fun to see with signatures from some big names, but they don't let you take pictures inside! Still, a fun stop.

THEN, we ate at Melt ... which is a restaurant that was featured on Man VS. Food ... the entire menu is grilled cheese ... in every form. Boyfriend ordered a grilled cheese with meatballs and mozzerella sticks inside. Looks like a artery clogger, huh? I ordered the little kid grilled cheese ... plain, simple, and awesome! If you're ever near Cleveland, stop at MELT - there are 3 locations!

Then we drove over to Cedar Point and took the ferry to this awesome island called Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island. It's this incredible resort island full of fun bars, resorts, water sports, wineries ... fun things to do .. and the main mode of transportation in golf carts! We had a great time there ...

On our last day, we went to Cedar Point Amusement park and got our BUTTS KICKED on the roller coasters. Either we're getting too old for coasters, we drank too much the night before, or these things are fierce, because after a couple ... I had whiplash and was basically drooling. Sexy, huh?

I missed you on the radiooooooo! Glad to be back! XO That's my vaca in a nutshell! :)
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7.3 Woooooooooo Fireworks!

I love the first week of July because it seems like there are fireworks left and right. I love it. Tonight is our big Scrantastic Spectacular in downtown Scranton! Fireworks start just after 9:30. Vice President Biden will be there to speak around 7 ... and there will be live music all over. Hope to see you there!

Last night I finally went to see Magic Mike. I had really high expectations for the movie and to be honest, it wasn't great. It wasn't horrible either. Not surprisingly, my favorite parts of the movie were the ones where Channing Tatum had very little clothing on and the women in the audience were HOOTING AND HOLLERING at the screen. The rest of the movie, outside of the male revue scenes, was just ok. The shirtless scenes are enough to see it again, don't get me wrong. :)

I'm taking a little vacation starting tomorrow, but i'll be back next Wednesday. Boyfriend and I are heading to Ohio to visit the Rock Hall of Fame, Cedar Point, and Put-in-Bay! I picked up a big that many people are saying is as good as FIFTY SHADES and the next best thing, it's called Bared To You, and i'm going to try and read it on vacation. I'll report back, but so far the reviews are good! So, if you're going through Christian Grey withdrawal, this might be your book! :)  Have a safe and happy 4th of July! See you next week! XO

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