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Posts from June 2012

6.26 Help Break a Guinness World Record THIS SATURDAY!
Help us break a Guinness World Record by slathering COOLA organic sunscreen all over yourself THIS SATURDAY! Yes! This Saturday, June 30th, we attempting to break the GUINNESS World Record for the MOST PEOPLE APPLYING SUNSCREEN! Our friends at COOLA donated all of the sunscreen for the big event and we just need you to show up!

A scary truth is that most people don't get sun smart until they or someone they know is diagnosed with skin cancer. Start practicing sun safety NOW and be a part of a world record ... all at the same time! We'll have fun and food for the whole family and everything is free. For all of the info. and to let us know you're coming, text the word SUN to 72881!

When : Saturday, June 30 10am-Noon
Where : Radiation Medicine Specialists, Forty Fort
Who : YOU and everyone you know! Spread the word! We need HUNDREDS of people to make this happen! :)

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6.13 Old Navy Outfit of the Week!
It's EMAIL WEDNESDAY and a guy wrote in about the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy ... wait until you hear what he's asking the ladies of NEPA! Be listening at 4 ... and see us on PA Live! What do you think of our Old Navy Outfits of the Week!? (The jewelry and sandals are ALL Old Navy!)
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6.12 I don't think i'll ever get over how incredible technology is ...
I really don't think i'll ever get over how incredible technology is. I mean really. Most people just use electronics and don't think about it ... but I am in serious AWE of how remarkable some of things we take for granted really are. For example iPhone's FACETIME. It takes a regular conversation with a friend to a whole new level. Last night, I caught up with my friend Christine who lives in New Orleans. Normally we just chat and sometimes she puts her adorable 3 year old son on the phone to say hi and repeat whatever she says. (By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANSON!) But last night ... we chatted face to face, on our iPhones. It serious blows my mind every single time. It totally elevates the conversation and turns it into this interactive, amazing experience. She put Anson on, he showed me his pirate hat and sword, he showed me how he traces his hand, she gave me a tour of their house ... all in REAL TIME. While this may be old news for you, it amazes me every single time. Man, I wish I didn't resist getting an iPhone for so long ... but i'm glad i'm in the cult now.  
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People: Christine

6.8 Getting Crafty!
As much as i'd like to take creative credit for this awesome idea, I borrowed the idea from Pinterest. Jeff's birthday is Monday, but he's taking the day off to have a long weekend, so I gave him his present today. A CIGAR BOUQUET! Cute, huh?! I saw a similar idea on Pinterest with lottery tickets and nips of liquor, but Jeff loves cigars, so this was right up his alley. I was COMPLETELY lost at El Humidor while cigar shopping, but I got him a few fancy onces and the guys there said he likes everything, so I couldn't go wrong! If you're wondering how to do this idea and keep them planted, I used cake pop sticks and tape to secure the cigars! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!! :)

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6.6 Old Navy Outfit of the Week!
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Hey! Look who I met on Friday! Brad Paisley couldn't have been nicer or more down to earth! His show was awesome and The Band Perry opened up for him! I could however, have done without the GIANT TICKS that crawled across the screen during "Ticks," but it was an awesome show.  The Band Perry was SO good. I hope we hear more from them on KRZ ... "If I Die Young" is such a gem!

Boyfriend and I attempted to see Snow White on Saturday, but there were only neck-breaking seats left at the 7pm showing ... so we went to see Men In Black 3. I'm SO glad we did. It was SO GOOD! Looking back, they forshadowed a lot in the beginning, but I didn't catch on to things until the end when I let out a loud, "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!" If you haven't seen it, I recommend it! It's a goody! :)

Jeff's birthday is fast approaching FYI. Am I a bad person if I admit that his birthday is Sunday and I haven't figured out what to do for him/get him!???!
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