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Posts from March 2012

3.28 Outfit of the Week!
Old Navy Outfit of the Week! Check out Email Wednesday at 4 on PA LIVE!  
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3.22 Root Canals & Pretty Things
Hey friends! I'm kind of freaking out today because tomorrow ... I have to get a root canal. Bahhhhhh! I've never had one before, but I do currently have a splitting headache from the pain of the tooth and need to just get it over with. With that said, I won't be in tomorrow. Let's hope i'm crying all day in pain. The dentist said I shouldn't be and that it's not that big of a deal ... but we've ALL heard  horror stories from people who say it was the worst experience of their life. Considering i've had my gall bladden taken out (which some say is worse than child birth) I think i'll be ok ... let's hope. I just want to get it over with. The worst part ... they do it in two parts. I have to go back to "finish" it next Friday.

Anywhoo ... Saturday i'll be helping to judge a kids karaoke contest in Hazleton at the Stagecoach Inn. It's a benefit for Setebaid Services ... going to a summer camp for kids with diabetes. Even if you don't have kids and don't plan to sing in the competition ... there will be a buffet lunch with proceeds going to the benefit, so swing by for lunch! Everything starts at 11:30am and i'd love to see you! Door prizes and all kinds of good stuff!

Oooh! Today I got the cutest pair of earrings from Sara, who works in our digital department here at KRZ's Etsy shop!  (It's called Tiny Galaxies) She makes some really unique earrings and she's a sweetheart! If you're as OBSESSED with Pinterest as I am, you may have even seen her jewelry pinned! Just wanted to share some pretties!  Check out her page here!

I got these!
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3.20 Kids of the 90's!
I never thought i'd be the person to say this ... but ... kids these days don't know what they missed! This morning I was chatting with some of the ladies here in the office about AOL cd-rom's and AOL instant messenger. That wasn't THAT long ago. The tail end of the 90's I was known as "SoftballChic" on AOL. Oh my, how things have changed. Thinking back, growing up in the 90's ROCKED. Slap bracelets, Salute Your Shorts, Hypercolor t-shorts, Tamagochi's, Hey Dude, and my favorite show ... Full House! What do you miss most about the 90's?! Remember these ... ?

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3.14 It's Email Wednesday!
It's Email Wednesday! See us on PA LIVE at 4 ... or join in on the convo here in a bit! Check out our Old Navy Outfit of the Week! My necklace is from ON too ... their accessories ROCK!
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3.12 Ben and The Bachelor Finale!
Tonight's the night! Ben will finally give out his final rose on The Bachelor. This season has been so ridiculous, but addicting. Ben is such a boring person, but there's something genuine about him that makes up for how boring he is as a person.  Early reports suggested that Ben picks the crazy model, Courtney ... but i'm praying that's not the case. One of my favorite websites posted this BENGO game sheet that we can play along with tonight while watching the finale. "Following my heart" is going to be a repeat offender tonight i'm sure ... but i'm surprised they didn't include something about "this journey" on the BENGO sheet!

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My favorite new song on KRZ right now is Fun's "We Are Young." While listening to different versions of it today ... I found this acoustic version! Check it out! Love it or leave it?
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3.7 My first BIRCHBOX arrived!

I've been thinking about subscribing to Birchbox for a few months and never got around to making it happen. Then,  my friend Tanya actually gave me a gift subscription for my birthday ... and my first box came today! If you're a girl who loves trying to products and likes to test out new looks, you would LOVE getting these boxes. For a $10 a month subscription, Birchbox will send you a box of product samples ... all according to your likes/need that you fill out in your beauty profile. I love fragrances, nail color, and lip gloss ... and my FIRST box that came today totally reflects my preferences. Check it out! Lip  gloss, a nail polish I ALMOST bought at Sapphire Salon the other day, nail polish remover pads, and Juicy perfume! Each month they send you 5 different products! Fun, right?! I love getting packages in the mail, so the fact that this is a SUSPRISE package makes the whole mail experience that much more exciting!

If products aren't your thing ... this makes an AWESOME GIFT!

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3.5 Karaoke for Kamp!
Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I wanted to take the chance today to tell you about an awesome fundraiser going on later this month that i'll be a part of. You may have heard me talk about it last March because I was a judge last year too. KARAOKE FOR KAMP is a karaoke singing competition to benefit Setebaid Services ... an organization that sends kids with diabetes to summer camp.

Here are the details if you want to get involved by singing, coming for lunch at the buffet, or donating! I'll be there for the kids competition as a judge! Hope to see lots of you there!

Karaoke for Kamp
*Stagecoach Inn RT 309, Drums
*Doors open at 11am
*There are a limited # of slots open for both kids and adult duets to sing - registration for each contestant is $20 - donated DIRECTLY to Setebaid Services ... *there will be CASH and trophy prizes
*Prizes also include recording studio time!
*For more infomation or to SIGN UP - call Shannon at 570-459-0812 or on Facebook at
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3.2 The Sunset Villains!
The Sunset Villains from Hazleton performed their song, "The Sky Is Falling" in studio today! Someone sent us their music video and Jeff and I watched it on repeat one day atleast 10 times. We loved the song instantly ... check it out! 
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3.1 Stephanie Jallen from Harding is heading to the Paralympics in Russia!
16 year old Stephanie Jallen from Harding stopped by the studio today to chat about her incredible accomplishments in skiing and her journey to the 2014 Paralympic Games in Russia!

Learn more about Stephanie and how you can participate in some fundraisers for her competitions here!

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