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A Rare Showing of Common Sense

It was a story that seemed to hit the news with little fanfare:  The TSA dropped its effort to allow small planes on knives.

Back in March suddenly small knives, banned since Sept 11, 2001 were once again allowed on planes.  The head of the Transportation Security Administration claimed at the time that TSA agents would have more time to focus on more important things then measuring the length of knives.

So let me get this straight.  My bottled water would be confiscated, but if I had a Swiss Army knife in my pocket it was perfectly ok for me to board the plane.

Wasn’t it a sharp object (box cutter) that enabled the September 11th terrorists to hijack 4 planes?  And why would any passenger need to have a knife of any kind at 30,000 feet other than to slice peanuts in half to make their in-flight snack last longer?

So, thank you TSA, for not only showing common sense, but responding to the requests of pilots and flight attendants.

06/06/2013 6:18PM
A Rare Showing of Common Sense
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