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Jeff Walker

A Bangin' Afternoon without the KIDS . . . we're watching the kids . .

* Caeli - 8 years old

* Johnny - 7 years old

*Brendan - 4 years old

*Maeve - 7 years old

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mat 003

mat 011

mat 004

mat 012

02/12/2010 1:48PM
A Bangin' Afternoon without the KIDS . . . we're watching the kids . . . MEET THE CREAMER
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02/12/2010 7:15PM
Kerry Cardone
What a great experience! The kids were too cute for words!!! Hope you guys had fun! Darren & I were jealous, but you both deserve this!!! I hope someone taped it for you! Love you both! The Cardone's The Creamers Rock!
02/12/2010 7:17PM
Kerry Cardone
What about some pics of the time Mom & Dad had??? Nevermind.... this is PG and some things are better left to the imagination.... LOL
02/13/2010 12:53PM
Wendy Creamer
Thank you all again for a wonderful afternoon. Hope you guys recovered from our little angels!!
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