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9.16 Who knew . . .

Yesterday, Boyfriend made his big radio debut! :) After finding he felt strongly about our Email Wednesday topic about the engaged couple who was upset that she wanted to hyphenate her name with his . . . we had Boyfriend on the show. I had no idea he would feel so strongly about something like that, considering he's SO laid back about most other things. According to him, it's belittling to a guy to keep your maiden name or hyphenate it with his. Interesting . . . i've never really given it much thought, but when the email came in, I didn't see what the big deal was. If you've been known as one name for 20+ years, why not keep it in some form so you're still indentifiable by name? I had no idea it would whirlwind into such STRONG opinions!

Tomorrow, i'm experiencing my first Penn State football tailgate. Have I ever mentioned I don't follow college sports . . . at all?! I just follow the party. :)

09/16/2011 1:43PM
9.16 Who knew . . .
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