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9.14 Jeff . . . the cat whisperer

Have you seen the new Jennifer Lopez line at Kohl's?! Cute items!!! :) After looking for a good kitty-hotel for Asti while Boyfriend and I go on vacation at the end of the month . . . i've found a kitty sitter. JEFF has offered to take our kitty in for a week! This should be funny . . . he's never had a pet and well, Asti is REALLY energetic. Jeff thinks he's just going to have to take care of her like he does his plants ... water and feed . . . it might be a little rude awakening when she first goes to play with his toes or fingers like they're toys. Hey, she's 5 months . . . she's playful. :) I can't wait to hear about Jeff's experience as a kitty-uncle!

Jeff and I had our first segment on PA LIVE today . . . you'll be able to catch it online soon, or tune in to WBRE! :)

Our new feature in The Weekender came out today too! Check out BITCH AND BRAG in the  new Weekender! xo

09/14/2011 1:42PM
9.14 Jeff . . . the cat whisperer
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10/12/2011 4:18PM
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