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9.1 I'm back!

It feels SO good to be back! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to reach out to me over the last few weeks . . . I really appreciate all of the support, love, and prayers! It was a really stressful couple of weeks. The worry that comes with surgery is enough stress, but waiting for biopsy results is the worst. It's scary having all of those days to wait and see what comes next. Thankfully, in a nutshell, I caught it just in time.  I don't want to start getting all preachy, but this cancer is best cured when found early. Check yourself. Get to know your skin. That's the best way you'll know if a mark on you has changed at all. The earlier you find something irregular, the better chances you have to fix it and save yourself.

Did you know there are 90 cancers that are curable if caught in Stage One? Read about the initiative to educate people about early detection! :)


My mom came to town from RI to help take care of me, which was a blessing. Boyfriend also learned how to put my hair up in a ponytail post-surgery . . . (his first girly hair grooming experience) because I couldn't do it myself. (They cut under my arm to get to the lymph nodes. They were life savers and waited on me like crazy. So much love. <3

I had a lot of time on my hands to rest over the past week and received awesome care packages, cards, and flowers from friends and family. One of my best friends happened to send me the book "The Help" and thanks to Hurricane Irene and the loss of power, I read the entire book in just over a day. Let me just say  . . .  this is the first book in a while that is one I can mention to ANY friend of mine and be able to have a conversation about it. Everyone is reading it . . . and everyone is loving it. Even some of my friends that don't usually read, are reading it! If you're looking for a MOVING, well written book with a message . . . definitely pick it up. Last night I was talking to my friend Christina about and she was saying that her favorite part of reading it is that she sounds Southern in her own head when she reads it because of the way they speak. Come to think of it, you DO sound Southern in your head reading it! If you've read it . . . email me! Who was your favorite character? I loved Aibeleen and Miss Celia  . . . there was something about her white-trash and underdogness that made me feel for her. Did anyone else want more conclusion to everyone's life at the end, too?

It's show time now. Just want to thank everyone again for the nice words and encouragement. Now, let's go have some fun on the radio! :) xoxo

09/01/2011 3:58PM
9.1 I'm back!
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09/03/2011 6:59AM
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