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8.23 The Lumineers!

Hey friends! Let's hear it for THURSDAY! I'm making today my Friday and taking tomorrow off to play CAKE BOSS. I'm baking Boyfriend's dad's birthday cake and well, I let my imagination get the best of me and realized i'm going to need a full day to accomplish everything i'm trying to do. I'll post pictures on Monday. I have high hopes for this masterpiece in the making! :)

I first heard this song a few weeks and i've quickly become obsessed with The Lumineers. Have you hear "Ho Hey" ??? I'd love to hear your thoughts? I'm listening on repeat for the 4th time already today ... there's something about it that I love ... like it?   

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08/23/2012 12:44PM
8.23 The Lumineers!
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09/17/2012 4:06PM
Pics Of princess Kate
Hi Amanda, I'm a big fan and enjoy you and Jeff very much. I tune in at work, in the car and at home. Friday you and Jeff were discussing the pics taken of the Dutches topless. I couldn't believe my ears when you stated " the Dutches should learn to keep her top on". Don't you realize she was in a private Château with her husband. She was victim and she was violated. It wasn't like Harry who put his stuff out there. I would have expeceted a different response from you. Disappointed in Pa, Pat
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