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8.22 I was a busy bee this weekeend . . . cake pops, Liquid, and a KITTY!

Hi! :) Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I got a ton done . . . and finally put new tires on my car. Everyone who walked by my car made some kind of comment about my front tires being bald, so I got new ones and hopefully everyone can shhh now! :) Friday night, Boyfriend surprised me with a KITTY! She's tiny ... only 4 months old, and she gets to come home on Thursday! We're still deciding on names and taking a vote. Which one do you like better . . . Pinot or Asti? :) She's really sweet! I'll post pictures once she comes home!

Saturday night, we went on a double date with our friends Pete and Wendy! (Wendy is like this awesome scrapbooker and totally hooked me up with lots of fun scrapbooking materials - i'm so looking forward to making one!) We went to Liquid in Stroudsburg (such a cool place with an awesome martini menu) and while I don't like sushi, I ADORE sushi presentations! Check out how pretty these were!

It's a girl here at the office's birthday (Happy Birthday Shannon!) so I made cake pops! This was my second attempt at cake pops and it went SO MUCH better than the first try. The trick? One you put the cake into balls, CHILL IT for a few hours. It made the world of a difference and the KRZ office is loving them today! :)

Tomorrow is surgery day, so I won't be on the air for the next few days. I'll try and check in on the blog. XO

08/22/2011 12:11PM
8.22 I was a busy bee this weekeend . . . cake pops, Liquid, and a KITTY!
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08/22/2011 1:45PM
Amanda, best of luck tomorrow.
08/24/2011 4:08PM
Lisa Mcknight
You are in my thoughts Amanda!! Hurry back Soon!
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