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Jeff Walker

8.15 Healthy Eating Cooking Classes

Dr. John Brady was in studio today to talk about an upcoming seminar he is putting on here in NEPA. If you want to learn how to cook healthy meals for weight loss, attend the class! Tuesday, September 27 - Details here! Reserve your spot!

08/15/2011 3:32PM
8.15 Healthy Eating Cooking Classes
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08/16/2011 7:18AM
WKRZ » 8.15 Healthy Eating Cooking Classes
[...] here to read the rest: WKRZ » 8.15 Healthy Eating Cooking Classes No related links found Posted in Cooking lessons | Tagged brady, classes, cook, eating, john, [...]
08/20/2011 11:47AM
Thomas Emanski
Jeff, I heard you mention that there were no Warrant Karaoke tunes available for you to sing.. I actually have a few: Cherry Pie, Heaven, I Saw Red, Sometimes She Cries, Uncle Tom's Cabin> I'm sure Cherry Pie is the most recognizable and desired.. do you need a copy for your show?
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