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Jeff Walker

8.11.10 If you missed it on today's show . . .

The most painful thing this woman ever experienced was a ruptured uterus -Jeff and Amanda needed a little education about the female reproductive system.


08/11/2010 1:55PM
8.11.10 If you missed it on today's show . . .
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08/12/2010 4:46AM
Jeff, I love your show, I never miss you and Amanda, however yesterday I was cutting grass and I had you both on my ipod but it ran out of charge so I missed the answer to a question I was waiting the entire show for. You had 10 guys call in about straight or curly hair. I lost you right after that - what was the outcome? Here's the reason for my concern: I'm 45 with very curly hair - I tried to staighten it and no way does my hair want to be straight. This has been a question of mine for some time - so please enlighten me.... what was the outcome? Keep up the great work - love you both!! Joanne
08/16/2010 7:55AM
The Jeff Walker Show
Hey Joanne! Were you listening on the new KRZ APP or do you have radio on your IPOD? Either way, a lot of guys said they like straight, but if you're rocking the curls, embrace it. Guys think curls are sexy too! :) -Amanda
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