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3.31 Bridal Shower Gift Idea!

Hi friends! Hope you had a nice weekend! John and I spent the weekend in my hometown in RI so that I could attend a bridal shower on Sunday. One of my best friends from high school is getting married in May and had her shower yesterday. I ordered the wine rack from their registry, but wanted to take the gift to the next level. (This could be part of the reason why everyone says I'm over the top, I like to call it creative)

I can't take credit for this idea at all, I found it on Pinterest ... but love it and put my own little spin on it. Along with the wine rack, I gave her a wine basket of firsts! A bottle of wine for a few big FIRSTS she and her soon to be husband will have.

First Fight - a bottle of Clean Slate.
First Anniversary - a bottle of Monogamy
First Baby - Sweet Bliss
First Christmas Eve - Spiced Apple wine
First Dinner Party - Champagne!

Each bottle had it's own cute poem label to go with it! If you want to do this idea for a shower, you can print out the cute little labels on this website in a variety of colors. Totally free. Just scroll down to the bottom for the link.

It was a big hit and a bunch of you asked for more info. when I posted it to Twitter! So here ya go! If you have any questions, email me! All of the wine was found at my local PA Wine & Spirits! :)
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RHONY Returns ... Doesn't Carole look like ...

I'm starting to wonder if I should be writing reality tv blog. I email, tweet, and facebook message with so many of you that watch the same shows and I feel like we should all just be having one giant conversation. They sometimes happen in facebook threads ... but there is just so much to cover.

I'm not even going to waste my time or energy on last night's Bachelor finale. The sum it up - Juan Pablo turned out to be a real dud and showed his true colors. I'm not even mad at him for not saying "I love you" because if you don't feel it, don't say it ... but I am mad at him for being so COMPLACENT! Nothing fazes this guy. Anyway, the After the Final Rose was totally awkward and fake. There is NO way he and Nikki are actually together. That's all I have to say about that.

Onto more important BRAVO matters . . . Real Housewives of New York returns tonight and I can't help but wonder . . . does anyone look at Carole and wonder . . . ARE YOU STEVEN TYLER'S SISTER??? Is it me ... or do they look like twins?

No really ... take a look. CLICK HERE. I posted this picture on Facebook a few days ago and no one really said anything. Whether you watch the show or not you can appreciate how THE SAME they look, right? I'm not hating on her, I actually like her a lot ... but how come no one else is noticing this?!?!

Please tell me i'm not nuts and they really do look related.

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Happy Hour with Candy's Place!

Hi friends! If you're looking for a nice night out that will help support a wonderful local cause, please join me for a happy hour to support Candy's Place at Susquehanna Brewing Company! If you're not familiar with the amazing work Candy's Place does, visit and poke around. Candy's Place offers free wellness services and programs to cancer patients and their caregivers. It is an incredible place and helps so many here in our community. Join us for some drinks and fun to support this amazing place! XO

Friday, March 14 from 6-8 p.m.! Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Admission includes beer and wine tasting, brewery tours, beverages, food tasting courtesy of area restaurants, and live music!

Tickets may be purchased in advance at Candy's Place, by phone (570-714-8800), or online ( Proceeds benefit Candy's Place.

XOXO Have a great weekend! Hope to see you in 2 Fridays!
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Surprise = SUCCESS!

HEW! After months of keeping this secret … Saturday was finally the day! I threw my husband John a SURPRISE 30th Birthday Party and it was a total success! With the help of tons of friends, we pulled off an awesome surprise and had the best night celebrating with friends! Just looking at him all night, you could see how happy he was to be surrounded by all of his favorite people!I over-share everything and talk all the time (lucky him) so it was so incredibly hard to keep this party a secret, especially because we needed to get to Harrisburg to make it happen. The majority of his friends live in Harrisburg, so it made the most sense to have the party there. I arranged for a couple hour long open bar and just needed to get him to the bar, but first to Harrisburg. So a few weeks ago I told him our friends Dan and Becky wanted to go out to dinner for his birthday. That was our plan. I told him to invite some friends to meet us out for drinks after dinner. He texted all of his friends and everyone claimed to be busy. (They were all in on it)
We went to dinner with Dan and Becky and had a great time. In his mind, that was our plan for the night. We went out for an after dinner drink to kill some time because we weren’t due to arrive to the party until 8:15. Finally at 8:10, we had one of his friends (thanks SteveO) text him to tell him to come meet up at the Susquehanna Ale House. It was right across the street (part of our master plan) so we walked over. The moment we opened the door, John walked in and 45 of our closest friends screamed “SURPRISE!” It was AWESOME! He was totally surprised. The video isn’t great because of the lighting, but you get the idea.

He was shaking. I’m not sure why he addressed his friends as “Ladies and Gentleman” but it was adorable. Looking at him all night, you could just see how HAPPY he was. He had no idea!

It was a Jack Daniel’s theme because he usually drinks Jack and Coke. I didn’t want to make it too girly, but wanted to have a little theme. It was perfect. The bar was great (so nice!) and the night was awesome. I ordered Jack Daniel’s cake pops from Amy’s Dipped in Pittston to give everyone as a favor. They were a big hit! My friend Alyssa made the JD label cake which was also a HUGE hit. People were eating it until the next morning for breakfast. My friend Tanya (so ridiculously talented) made the SIGN! I’m obsessed with it! It all came together perfectly and I’m so glad it’s over … it was a secret that drove me CRAZY to keep! It was all worth it to see John SO happy and surprised!

We had an after party back at our friends Dan & Becky’s (they were so awesomely helpful through all of the planning and everything) and had a giant sing along in their living room. Dan is super talented and jammed out on his guitar and piano as everyone sang along. There was a keg and beer pong of course … my husband may be 30, but it’s still a frat guy at heart. :)
Have you had to keep a secret that DROVE YOU CRAZY!? This one drove me nuts, but I’m so happy it all worked out and was a SUCCESS!
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Hi friends!
2014 is off to a great start! We have lots of fun things in the works for the year on the show and as of Sunday, I've been married for 3 months! 3 months down, a lifetime to go. Married life is great ... there's something really cool about promising to spend forever with your favorite person. :)

10 days ago I started Weight Watchers online. So far, I really like it because it's easy to track on the app ... but to be honest, I really havent, my routine hasn't really changed. I was already making good choices, so I'm hoping maybe the close attention will make the difference. I'll wait an entire month before posting any results because I want to give it a fair chance. So many of you tweeted me your success with the WW program, so I'm hoping to see the same. The one thing I NEED to do is step it up at the gym. It's just so hard to actually get there. I really need to drag my ass there before coming into work.

Speaking of making good choices, I found the best (GOOD FOR YOU) protein bars ever. Most protein bars are candy in disguise... but not these. Check out QUEST bars if you're looking for something sweet that's REALLY low in sugar, high in protein and fiber. You can thank me later. I've tried most of the flavors, chocolate peanut butter is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.

This weekend my 2 godchildren are coming for a visit. I'm so exicted! I have a fun filled weekend planned for them and will check in on twitter! If you have any ideas or MUST DO things with kids in Poconos - email me!


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Obsessed : Christmas Jammies Video

John and I decided we are going to be people who send out Christmas cards. Since we just got married, we sent out "Married & Bright" cards with our wedding photo in it this year. After watching this awesome Christmas CARD VIDEO, I'm thinking we're going to need to step up our game next year. Even though this video is really just for self promotion for their new business, I'm still obsessed with this adorable family and this awesome video... not gonna lie, I've already watched it 6 times today.
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Fifty Shades Movie - Entertainment Weekly First Look!

This morning my Twitter feed (@AmandaOnAir) BLEW UP with tweets about the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly. For months we've been speculating who will play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and many fans of the book were disappointed with the annoucement of the actors who were cast. I just kept saying ... "let's wait and see what they look like together and on camera." I feel like we have to have SOME faith in the casting directors because a lot of riding on this film after the success of the books.

Ok, so "let's wait and see" has finally COME. A little bit. Today we get to see them in print, which is a fun first step. Follow this link to see the first look at Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in character as the S&M couple Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Production of the book-turned-movie begins shooting in Vancouver on Dec. 2 and is set to be released on Valentine's Day, 2015.

So ... what do you think? Are they believable? Do they look like what you pictured while reading the books? I'm not sure i'm convinced.


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Invisalign COMPLETE!

This morning was HUGE! I had an appointment with Dr. Lawrence and he removed the Invisalign "buttons" that were on my top row! I'm pretty much DONE with my treatment and have a straighter smile just in time for our wedding day!!! (Which is only 11 days away by the way!)

This was the most important pre-wedding treatment I did and I couldn't be happier with the results. It was painless and so easy. Dr. Lawrence was great and his whole staff was so friendly! I still can't believe how much my teeth changed over the past 7 months, just by wearing these invisalign trays! If it's something you've been thinking about, go for a consultation! (570-288-5588) It's so worth it and flies by!

Eeeeee! I'm going to smile extra big on my wedding day knowing my teeth are back where they belong, perfectly straight! :)

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Invisalign ALMOST Done!

Eeeeeeeeeee! What you're looking at is the teeth of a girl who is almost done with her Invisalign treatment! Wooooo hooooo! I'm on my second to last set of Invisalign trays and will be ALL DONE in 4 weeks! I'm so freaking excited! I started this process about 7 months ago with Dr. Lawrence in Forty Fort and I can't believe it's almost over ... more importantly ... I can't believe how great my teeth look! I had some shifting going on and wanted a perfect smile for my wedding in October ... I couldn't be happier with the entire process. I really have to thank Dr. Lawrence and his lovely staff for taking good care of me! If it's something you've been thinking about, Dr. L is awesome, his staff is so friendly, and it'll be over before you know it! :) I'm happy to answer questions about Invisalign you might have - just email me! XOXO
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This woman is AMAZING!

This morning on Good Morning America they featured this woman that I have quickly become obsessed with. Since her appearance on GMA this am, i've watching dozens of Youtube videos of her and i'm amazed. She does over 50 singing voices in a show in Las Vegas. Everyone from Celine Dion and Tina Turner to Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Adele. This is just a quick montage, but her show is Veronic Voices and searching her routines on Youtube is my new favorite way to waste time.
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