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7.19 Match This Girl!

I'm like a teenage girl sometimes. I love talking about boys and dates . . . a lot. I also LOVE matchmaking! That being said, I also love hearing about dates-gone-wrong because i've been on my fair share of those and thankfully Boyfriend appeared in my life before I finally gave up on men all together.

I met a girl last week who just joined and plans to go on 50 dates in 180 days . . . and then blog about it! Fun, huh?! Her blog is at and so far, she's been on 2 not-so-great dates . . . but it's fun to read. One guy literally asked her if she is a "horn dog." Seriously? What is wrong with men?!  It's sad because I know a few really good guys who say the same thing about women and are looking for the good ones . . .  it's these creeps that make some people lose faith in the opposite sex!  As bad as some dates can be, I loved finding the humor in my own bad dates because eventually . . . all of those bad dates make you appreciate a good guy when he comes along. Fingers crossed that she finds "the one" before her membership ends . . . or atleast finds some cool guys that aren't creeps to go out with! I already told her my old dating rule of thumb - make them spell definitely. If was a good starting point for me in the dating world. :) 

Check it out. A fun read . . . and it's in real time! She has 48 more dates to go!

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07/19/2012 4:59PM
7.19 Match This Girl!
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07/25/2012 1:51PM
Match this girl
Hey Amanda! I've been reading and recently contacted the blogger. She was very quick to respond and was intrested on the fact that I found out about her blog via your blog. Maybe you can get her on the air? Make sure to let us know if you do so I can tune in :)
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