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3.18 Spring Cleaning Turned Good For the Soul

I had the itch to dive into some SPRING CLEANING (a little early, I know) this weekend and man it felt good. We sent tons of clothes to donation and really got rid of the clutter. It was a nice cleansing! :) While I was sifting through the "STUFF" I found an old backpack I used in high school. You know, the LL BEAN ones with your monogram? Yup, I still have mine. Royal blue, it was my favorite. I was about to shove it back in the closet, but decided to check all of the zippers first. Inside the smallest one, I found a note from my late grandmother. She was like a second mom to me, growing up with a single parent ... my mom and Grammoo were my everything. She was one of my favorite people ever. My gram passed away shortly after I left for college.

I may have known this note existed before, but I don't remember it AT ALL. There in my backpack, I found this note from her. The first sentence said, "just a few words to let you know how proud I am of you." She signed it "LOL" before the days of texting. She meant it as LOTS OF LOVE.

I didn't know I needed this, but I definitely did. Turns out SPRING CLEANING can be good for your soul! :)
Have you ever found something meaningful while cleaning? Maybe something from a loved one who has since passed away?

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03/18/2013 2:19PM
3.18 Spring Cleaning Turned Good For the Soul
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04/09/2013 7:54PM
this brought tears to my eyes...how wonderful that you found such a special message from such an important person in your life. i think we all take things for granted when they are here, but once they are gone...we can never get them back. hold onto those memories and cherish them. lef
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