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Jeff Walker

3.14 It's Email Wednesday!

It's Email Wednesday! See us on PA LIVE at 4 ... or join in on the convo here in a bit! Check out our Old Navy Outfit of the Week! (Amanda's necklace is from ON too ... their accessories ROCK!)

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03/14/2012 3:40PM
3.14 It's Email Wednesday!
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03/14/2012 4:38PM
I missed the beginning of the program but....As much as I despise pit bulls, no one including the authorities have the right to take your pet away. It's your right to own a Pit Bull. This is just another issue the State or Government should not put their "nose" into. However, unless your pet disrupts someone else's personal life then I suppose something should be done. Eric of Wapwallopen, PA
03/14/2012 9:04PM
check up first
I am a proud pit bull owner i have 3 at on time, animals sense bad things and people not saying that it was right but the normally have a reason for what they have what they have done there not wolfs who just turn or wild animal. i had the same thing but in stead of a friend. i jumped fast an had him put down which killed me he was always a good dog. an i didn't want him to hurt anyone else like he did me my wife other people or my other two. Two weeks after the fact we found out that the chicken treats we had giving him since he was a pup that he loved so much had a high content of lead. Which could have been the cause. so i suggest getting him check before a rash decision is made. Still to this day a pit is the only dog you will find in my house hold. there not all scare. some food for thought. IN TEMPER TEST THE PIT BULL PASSED MORE THAN DACHSHUND,CHIWAWAS, AND JACK RUSSELS.
04/06/2012 6:12PM
Brand New Retail Store
Hey guys my name is Richard i moved here to Nanticoke from NY 2 1/2 years ago for a better life for me children,mMy wife and I decided to open a retail store here on Main Street in Nanticoke and bring all the hot Ny styles to pa We've been open for about 3weeks and doing ok i have KRZ rockin in my store all day i'm open from 10am to 10pm sometimes people walk in just to here the song playing on KRZ,thats funny but it bring in customers in the store and i make a sale when they do so thank you guys for keeping the music going hot. Unique SportsWear 133 Main Street,Nanticoke,Pa 18634 We carry hoodies,hats,tee's,woman,men,youth,we also Press anything you want on tees hoodies,hats like sports logos,names,letters numbers or we can design any logo idea you have. Once again thank you guys so much for rockin my store with all the hot songs
01/21/2014 5:24PM
Can you play, Some Nights by fun
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