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Jeff Walker

2.9 Need some ALONE TIME with your Valentine?!

If you're a parent looking for some time ALONEEEEEE with your love ... we'll watch your kids! We did this last year and we figured since we returned all four kids to their parents in one piece, we'll do it again.

We'll send one deserving couple to The Woodlands to take advantage of their ROMANCE PACKAGE (a room, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries) from 3-7p on Valentine's Day ... we'll take care of your kids right here at KRZ!

Email your info. to - tell us about your kids and how badly you need alone time with your Valentine!

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02/09/2012 3:55PM
2.9 Need some ALONE TIME with your Valentine?!
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02/10/2012 5:30PM
Tina & Richard Passaretti
My husband and I decided to become foster parents with the intentions adopting a child. We fostered two beautiful little brothers for about four years before they became available to adopt. Two weeks after they were adopted, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl after the doctors said I would never be able to have children. I am a stay at home parent while my husband commuted to New York every day to work for the last 14 years. Prior to the kids, I didn't spend much time together with my husband cause of the commute. When he came home from work he would fall asleep sometimes before dinner due to his work shift and now the kids consume all of our time. My husband and I are to only two people out of our families that live in Pennsylvania. All of our family lives in Jersey or New York. Our family is willing to watch the kids but i need to drive the kids to New York cause our moms do not know how to drive and the family members that can drive either work or have college classes they take on the weekend. Just to go to dinner or a movie is not worth traveling 4 hours and packing an overnight bag and so on. Everynight if it is not one of our kids in our bed it another. My husband has been wonderful and has not complained once because he know what a rough life our boys had before they were adopted that is why I am entering this contest so if I win I can suprise him with some "us" time. Thank you for you consideration. Please excuse any typing errors. I am typing this with my daugher sitting on my lap touching everything. LOL
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