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2.25 Tray 4!

Hey all! Wanted to pop on here and update my progress with Invisalign and answer some FAQ's i've been getting by email about it. A little over a month ago I started INVISALIGN with Dr. Stephen Lawrence in Forty Fort. I had braces for 5 years when I was a kid and my teeth have since shifted. After thinking about it for a while, I finally called Dr. L for a consultation and got the ball rolling. I was really scared at first because I didn't know what to expect, but i'm SO HAPPY I'm doing this.

A lot of people who are thinking about getting them have emailed me and asked if it hurts. I'm so glad I can say - NOT AT ALL! Actually, the trays are REALLY comfortable and i'm getting to the point that when I don't have them in, I miss them. (You take them out to eat or drink anything other than water!) The only discomfort you MIGHT feel is on the first day of your new set of trays ... for me that's every Thursday. The trick is to switch your trays at night and take a couple Aleve. That way you get adjusted to the new tray in your sleep!

That's how it works - Every 2 weeks you get new trays ... and they are slightly different than the trays you wore prior. On Thursday I started my 4th set of trays. I'll have 18 total.

Another question a few people have asked is how long it takes. It's different for everyone, but Dr. Lawrence projected that i'll be finished in 8 months. Not bad, huh?!

I can't say enough good things about my experience so far and a lot of that has to do with how AWESOME Dr. Lawrence and his staff is. Everyone is SO nice there and make you feel comfortable. (Not like the dentist visits we used to dread as kids!) 2 of my friends are actually looking into Invisalign now that I've told them it's nothing to be scared of and it really IS invisable! (I was skeptical at first too!)

If you have any questions about my experience so far, feel free to email me -!

Dr. Lawrence can show you an animation of how your teeth with be from start to finish - just schedule a consultation! All the information you need is at!

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02/25/2013 2:20PM
2.25 Tray 4!
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