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Jeff Walker

2-22 How did you find out your significant other was cheating?

Poor Elin Woods found out Tiger was cheating when she stumbled upon flirty text messages. Most of us have been there . . . that awful pit in your stomach when you find out your man/woman is cheating on you. The sad thing is that a lot of us will experience this feeling at some point in our lives. How did you catch your cheater?

02/22/2010 12:42PM
2-22 How did you find out your significant other was cheating?
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02/22/2010 1:04PM
Hey Jeff and Amanda, I found out my significant other was cheating in a very strang way. I was with him for 10 months when he started getting very abusive. One day we were driving to his house and he wanted it to be over. When we got there i started packing up my things until he started hitting me again. I couldn't take it anymore so i left. That night i filed a PFA on him. It was a few days later when I got all of my belongings back with some additional items. I opened up the first envelope to find several e-mails as well as a tape. My ex had not only sent me the e-mails but also the videos that they taped during the action. I come to find out after watching 42 VHS tapes and reading the e-mails, that there were a total of 103 different girls he had been with in the 10 months including my college roommate, and very girl on the floor of my dorm when i was out at school and he was visiting.
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