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Amanda's Blog 

11.1 SO Humiliating!

Have you ever gone shopping ... loaded all of your items onto the counter ... gone to pay ... and then realized YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR WALLET?! Happened to me this morning at Target and let me just tell you ... I felt like the biggest idiot EVER! I told them i'd come back for my stuff tomorrow, but wow - talk about humiliating!

Oh ... and a word to the wise and a note to self - DON'T WATCH AMERICAN HORROR STORY before bed. I literally couldn't fall asleep until 3am and all morning I keep THINKING I see someone walk by - and there's no one here. That show is crazy good ... but definitely not something you should watch immediately before bed if you're easily spooked! :)

11/01/2011 1:55PM
11.1 SO Humiliating!
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