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Amanda's Blog 

10.24 Halloween Cake Pops!

After a few failed attempts and an "ok" batch . . . i've finally mastered making CAKE POPS! These babies are WAY more time consuming and expensive than baking cupcakes (which was my most recent baking obsession) but they are are so darn cute, I just couldn't help myself from trying to make them again!

I did a ton of Google searches looking for the easiest directions as to HOW to do them and really, I feel like these people over-complicate it all. Instead, I chose trial and error and finally have my own system DOWN! If you want to try making cake pops for the upcoming holiday season, maybe a birthday, or for no reason at all. I'll walk you through the process. (A few of you emailed me the last time I made them and wanted more information ... here's the rundown!)  If you have any tips for me - i'd LOVE to hear them!

Before you start - here's what you need.

Cake mix. (These pops are so much work that I don't both making my own mix)

A can of frosting (You'll only end up using less than half ... make sure the color goes with the cake, as you'll be mixing them together!)

Melting chocolate (Michaels or AC Moore - you can choose from TONS of colors to go with whatever theme you are making!)

Sprinkles, candy (Whatever you want ON the cake pop ... you could use crushed cookies, candy, sprinkles)

Cake pop sticks (You can get them at Michaels or AC Moore - there's a whole cake pop section)

Wrappers ( You'll need something to wrap them in once they are finished - they sell lollipop clear bags with twist ties ... for Halloween I found spider bags!)

Styrofoam (You'll need some sort of base to stick the cake pops into after you've dipped them in chocolate to dry standing up, so you don't get flat tops like you would if you rest them on wax paper.)


1. Bake the cake. Let cool.

2. Cut the cake up and add a few dollops of frosting. Mix together by hand, cover the cake, let chill in the fridge. (Leave it overnight)

3. Take an ice cream scooper or spoon and make 1.5inch balls of cake. It's much easier to wear clear plastic gloves and make the balls by hand like meatballs, but do whatever works for you. Don't make the cake balls too big, or they will fall off the stick. Put on wax paper.

4.) Dip the end of a cake pop stick in some melted chocolate (the kind that will harden after melting) and then insert into cake pop. (The chocolate acts as a glue) Do the entire batch and return to fridge for a little while.

5.) Dip cake pops in melted chocolate and decorate as you want! I've been sticking to sprinkles, but there are some CREATIVE things you can do with cake pops. Stand the stick up in a stryrofoam base to dry!

Check out lots of cake pop ideas here.

After I passed all of pops I made out to co-workers, I remembered I need a photo of them! ONE example! There were a bunch though ... with orange chocolate, white chocolate, lots of different sprinkles! I'm going to get a little more creative for Christmas. I'm thinking SANTA and RUDOLF pops! :)

10/24/2011 2:42PM
10.24 Halloween Cake Pops!
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