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Jeff Walker

1.18 It's Wednesday! Woo!

Wednesdays are kind of crazy here. As usual, we'll be on PA LIVE for Email Wednesday at 4. Tune in on WBRE to check out the show ... and see our OLD NAVY outfit of the week! We didn't even plan it, but both wore super bright colors today. Also, the new Weekender comes out today. Each week you can read BITCH & BRAG in The Weekender or here.

01/18/2012 3:19PM
1.18 It's Wednesday! Woo!
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01/20/2012 4:58PM
face licking dogs!!
I was just listening to your show a few minutes ago in the car and had to write to you guys!! I am a dog lover and dog owner. But I'll be damned if I am going to let him or any other canine lick any where NEAR my face!! Ewwww! I find it highly disgusting. I had watched a program not too long ago that did an experiment with both human and canine saliva in seperate peitrie dishes (unsure of spelling lol!!) and the canine bacteria was OVERLOADED in that dish. It is a complete myth about the dog having the cleaner mouth. Dont people see these animals bathing their genitals and buttocks with their tongues???? Duhhhhh!! They also eat out of garbages when given the chance and snack on cat litter!! I am gagging just thinking about it!!!! And yes, as I said, I am a dog lover and owner but FIDO BACK OFF!!! lol...keep up the great show guys!! have a great weekend!!
01/23/2012 9:11PM
lovin it.
That is one of my favorite shirts Amanda! Jeff, you're as cute as ever. :)
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