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"Live Like You're Dying"...to meet Kris Allen


So Kris Allen was in the studio today, much to the squealing delight of a room fulla hot n’ bothered NEPA femme-fans! We thoroughly enjoyed his acoustic set, interview, and meet & greet. I could recap the high points but you’d be better off just listening to the audio (check Rocky & Sue’s Blog). He was a tremendously easy, fun interview and dished on everything from groupies to Wheat Thins. His guitarist Cale (or as I like to call him – “my future husband”- yum) was also very down-to-earth and accessible to the hordes of screaming girls we had waiting for them in the KRZ studios. Big THANKS to one of our very cool listeners (Yay Jenn!) for sharing some of her primo pics with me - Enjoy! And when you listen to the audio, tell me that’s not the most amazing & inventive Michael Jackson cover EVER! Thanks Kris!!! You’re true talent, my friend. 







08/05/2010 6:16AM
"Live Like You're Dying"...to meet Kris Allen
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08/05/2010 7:52AM
Kris Allen in Pennsylvania – Radio Shows + Hershey « Fourteen Plums
[...] that day Kris performed for a small group of 98.5 KRZ listeners at their Spotlight Lounge. Here’s DJ Lissa’s brief blurb about the event. Watch Kris performing “Man in the [...]
08/05/2010 8:24AM
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08/05/2010 6:29PM
8/4/10 – 98.5 WKRZ Spotlight Lounge – Pittston, PA « KrisAllenRockStar
[...] Lissa’s Blog: “Live Like You’re Dying“…to meet Kris Allen (more photos) [...]
09/28/2010 11:17AM
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09/28/2010 11:21AM
also i love the morning show i listen to you guys whenever i am down that way in pa
03/05/2011 11:55AM
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