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Getting Caught Up

Say hello to #TeamPeyton!

A few of Peyton Rusyn's  family members, including her twin brother Preston, joined us in studio this morning to give us an update on the 7 yr old’s condition.  Peyton was involved in a serious car accident last week and is recovering at Geisinger in Danville.

The family has a few fundraisers planned to help offset the medical bills.  And brother Preston even designed a Team Peyton t-shirt with his sister in mind.

Get the latest on fundraising efforts at the Team Peyton Facebook page:

How about those Penguins!  Last night they held off Providence in game 7 to advance to the Eastern Conference finals of the Calder Cup playoffs.  After playing twice on the road vs. St. John’s, the Pens return home for games 3, 4 & possibly 5, next Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday night. 

Grab your tickets in advance by calling 570.208.PENS or win them on KRZ next week!


And our new summer intern started today.  Alexis admitted off air that she has no idea how to celebrate her 21st birthday next month.  Guess who’s going to be a major topic of discussion on the show next week? 

Share the road!

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Memorial Day Party Ideas!

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to SUMMER and after this LONG freaking WINTER, I'm bringing in the SUMMER FUN ASAP! John and I were talking about having nothing to do Memorial Day weekend and VOILA, his parents texted us that they are going to have a BBQ. Perfect! I was assigned drinks! My favorite! His family has come to expect over-the-topness from me, so I can't disappoint. I quickly did a PINTEREST search for festive beverages for the party. If you're doing it up this weekend - check out these drinks ... perhaps be the party starter and bring them to the party you're attending! 

For the grown ups (I still think it's weird that I'm considered one of those) a sangria ... and for the kiddos (I'm totally trying one of these too) a red, white, and blue drink! 


For the kids:

For the adults:

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Godzilla is Back!

Godzilla is back...and he's pissed!

Sue and I went to the premiere of the rehashed Sci-fi flick tonight at WB Movies 14.  If you go, go all the way...get your butt in the 3D theatre with the D-Box Motion seats.  It totally added to the whole experience.

And if you think Brian Cranston is the star of the show, think again.  Godzilla, just like in the original from 1954, steals the show.

And as a bonus in the flick, the spiny backed ocean lizard with a bad case of beer breath gets to do battle with not one, but 2 bug-like creatures called MUTOS (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms).

At times the flick is laugh-out-loud funny when it doesn't mean to be, but overall, Godzilla is a pretty decent thrill ride.  Think Monday Night Raw with a few nukes thrown in for good measure.

I still prefer the badly dubbed Japanese original, but this new take on a classic holds it own.

Paying homage to the orginal, I'll give the new Godzilla 3 out of 5 rubber suits. :)

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<3 Manic Marc

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May 10, 2014 ~ V Spot gig = thanks!

Just wanted to say THANKS everyone who made it out to the V Spot for my gig with Jackson Vee for his BIRTHDAY Thursday night! We had a blast, hope you did too!!

I remember when I met Jackson three years ago, when I first moved here. I was volunteering, hosting a bunch of benefits for various causes, just to get to know the community. I must've hosted 20 charity/benefit music shows. And every. single. one. had Jackson Vee playing at it. Not only is he a hilarious, super talented musician but he offers his time and talents whenever he can to help other people. That's one of the biggest reasons I wanted to collaborate with him. We absolutely love playing togetherm, so thank you EVERYBODY for making his birthday a happy one!!!

With Vinnie, owner of the V Spot before our gig..... pretty much captures the mood of the night.
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What Little Thing Makes YOUR Hometown Famous?

Every town, big OR small is famous for something.  The quirky, the better!

And that's what we asked on the show this morning:

What is the LITTLE THING that makes your town FAMOUS?

I was born in the small town of Paramus, NJ.  It's claim to fame?  The Glam-Rock band Trixter was formed there AND it was the setting for the movie "Coneheads".

Lissa's hometown in Michigan is where the Edmund Fitzgerald went down - Whitefish Point on Lake Superior.

Here's a few more from you guys...

--Hollidaysburg, PA - Home of the Slinky!
--Berwick - we were on Hitlers top "town to bomb" list because we were one of the top makers of tanks and we currently have a bunker under the town to fit the entire population of Berwick
--Jessup, Saint Ubaldo Day.

--Scranton, PA had electric street cars before it was cool.
--Downingtown, PA, a scene from the original Blob was filmed at a diner there.
--Dushore, pa- only one traffic light- in all of Sullivan county!
--Lake Ronkonkoma, NY - The lake itself is plagued by a supposed curse from a Native American girl ("Princess Ronkonkoma") who lures young men to the center of the lake & drowns them.
--Carbondale, PA. The movie “Blue Valentine” was shot on the street I live on. Got to see Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams everyday.

--Carbondale, PA - the UFO
--Astoria, NY. Christopher Walken
--Harrison, NJ. The street I lived on was the opening scene for the Karate Kid.
--Hanover, PA.. The SNACK Capitol of the world!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!
--Hackettstown, NJ. M&Ms. There is a factory there and on the day they roast the peanuts you can smell them.
--Gettysburg PA, ummm yeah.  Some famous battle.  And Lincoln. Didn't he have an address there?



Mom's Night Out

I got to host the MOMS NIGHT OUT at Rustic Kitchen with 30 of the coolest Moms anywhere.  Lots of wine...great food...and the always entertaining Chef Kate made for a fun evening. 

The menu:
Porketta with grilled peaches & roasted Tuscan potatoes.

And our awesome meal was topped off by a decadent Carrot Cake Cupcake...

Happy Mother's Day to all our Moms!!!

And special thanks to:
--Gilbride Limousine
--Hollywood Tan
--Salon You

Want to be at the next Rustic Kitchen cooking show?

CLICK HERE for more info.




Weekend in Pics

Hope you had as much fun as I did this weekend!  The in-laws from Maine were visiting so I took Sue's Dad to Friday night's Penguins game.  After a slow start, the Pens played with intensity the rest of the night and closed out the series with a big 5-1 over Binghamton.

We were sitting 3 rows from the glass.  Awesome seats!!!

Next up for the Pens is Providence.  It'll be another #GoldRush at the Arena Friday & Saturday night for the first 2 games of the series.

Get your tickets by calling 570.208.7367 or online at  I hope to see you there!

Sunday I jumped on my bike for the annual Spencer Martin Memorial Bike Ride.  It's a 33 mile trek through the rolling hills of the Back Mountain to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

I even saw WNEP's Joe Snedeker for a few minutes before he left us in the dust.  Want info on next year's ride?  Go to

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My Melanoma Story - May is Melanoma Awareness Month

We all live very busy lives. We make choices every day that determine our tomorrows. We often ignore things that don’t affect us and some of us only care about things that we or loved ones are passionate about or affected by.

May is Melanoma Awareness Month. If I can inform just 1 person of the dangers of the sun and how SCARY it is to face melanoma, I will be happy.

When it comes to cancer, we all know someone. When they are diagnosed, we google it, learn all about the kind, and hope for the best possible outcome.

Before I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, I didn’t know what melanoma was. I had heard the word few times, but never really knew what it was. Skin Cancer wasn’t on my radar AT ALL. I was in my early 20’s, focused on my career, and living in my own little bubble. It never crossed my mind that I would be faced with a potentially deadly cancer. It also never dawned on me that a little mole on my breast would turn my life upside down. I try to share this story with anyone who will listen because the fact that I had no idea what melanoma was, means there are other people walking around without a clue too.

It seems like until many people know someone personally that has been diagnosed with melanoma, it’s still one of those things that they think won’t happen to them. Until I share the details … the painful, sad, scary details … the words don’t leave an impression.

If you don’t know someone who has been diagnosed with Melanoma, LET ME BE THAT PERSON. Let me be the person you have a direct connection to … the reason you educated yourself what to keep an eye out for. If you're going through it and need a friend, reach out. I'm happy to talk with you! XO

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. It is the least common form of skin cancer, but the deadliest. Never did I imagine that I would be the one dealing with it … especially in my 20’s. If I knew THEN what I know NOW, I would have done many things differently.

Before: I tanned here and there, but never regularly. I just didn’t have the time. I grew up in New England and while I don’t remember having horrible sunburns growing up, I’m sure I had a few. (One blistering sunburn early on in life doubles your chance of developing melanoma later in life) Sunscreen was something I used when it was around, but I didn’t seek it out. Sunglasses were purely a fashion statement, never a necessity. Hats, same thing. I didn’t think twice about the time I spent outside in the sun and often complained that I could never get a tan. Looking back, all of that was stupidity and ignorance. The reality of it was … I didn’t know better. I didn’t know anyone who had melanoma … it was never a topic of conversation ... so I knew nothing of it.

What is that? I’m not even quite sure what made me realize that a new mole on my breast was something to be alarmed about. I noticed a small dark dot on my breast when I was getting out of the shower one day. I was 24. I noticed it and carried on. A few months later, I noticed it again and this time it seemed to be a little bigger. Again, I carried on with my life and thought nothing of it. It was a 2 months later than I noticed it was changing. It was darker, bigger, and had edges that were a different shade of brown. The center was almost black. While I didn’t think “skin cancer,” I did wonder if that was normal. (Skin cancer didn’t even cross my mind once – that terrifies me for other people who like the 24-year-old me, know nothing about melanoma)

I showed a friend. Showed her again weeks later. Again a month after that. Finally she insisted I show my doctor. I had a gynecologist appointment coming up, so I waited until that appointment to bring this mole to a doctor’s attention. The moment she saw it, she told me I needed to call a dermatologist and tell them I needed to be seen immediately. I didn’t even have a dermatologist! I called, waited 3 months for an appointment (more waiting – meanwhile the cancer could be spreading) and was finally seen. That’s when a mole changed my life.

Diagnosis: My dermatologist performed a biopsy and confirmed the diagnosis of malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. (Those results took weeks to come back) When he told me I would be needing to schedule an appointment with an oncologist the next day, I THEN started to understand what was happening. The word melanoma meant nothing to me, but I did know what an oncologist was. I teared up, but knew I just had to face it a day at a time. He told me not to go home and google melanoma … which of course I did. He warned me it was going to say scary things, which it did. Everything I read talked about it being the most aggressive skin cancer and how fast it spreads. I have a hard time expressing how scary this was. I went from blissful ignorance to being face with all of this scary information very quickly.

The treatment: Days later I was undergoing multiple surgeries to remove scoops of my breast (leaving about a 4-5 inch scar) and surgery to remove lymph nodes from underneath my arm to determine whether the cancer had spread. (The survival rate for melanoma that has traveled to distant organs is only 15%) I’ll spare you the details, but one thing I will NEVER forget is how PAINFUL some of the injections were before the surgery. Thankfully, my melanoma was discovered at an early enough stage that there was no evidence that it had spread to other parts of my body.

Now: It was a terrifying experience. It didn’t end there, but I’ll end the story there. Ever since (the past 4 years) I’ve undergone many other tests (countless MRI’s) and biopsies for fear that the melanoma did in fact spread. I’ve had MANY more suspicious moles removed (all of them being pre-cancerous or non-melanoma) and continue to teeter on the fine line of being vigilant and paranoid.

Prevention: Wear sunscreen. (Check the expiration date, they DO expire quickly) Reapply often. Cover yourself. Wear a hat when you’re outside during midday hours. Wear sunglass – melanoma CAN develop on your eyes … and avoid indoor tanning! Embrace the skin you’re in. You don’t need to cook it for it to be beautiful!

What to look for: Everyone should know the warning signs of melanoma, which are as simple to remember as A, B, C, D and E—
“A” stands for asymmetrical. Does the mole or spot have an irregular shape with two parts that look very different?
“B” stands for border. Is the border irregular or jagged?
“C” is for color. Is the color uneven?
“D” is for diameter. Is the mole or spot larger than the size of a pea?
“E” is for evolving.

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May 1, 2014 ~ April ends on several HIGH NOTES

Lissa Lou was in 7th heaven over the weekend, hosting the M3 ROCK FESTIVAL in Columbia Maryland! I was with my rock radio show, The Tour Bus – my cohost Ralph and I had a BLAST with all the bands! Nightranger, Slaughter, Queensryche, Sebastian Bach, Winger, Lita Ford, LA Guns, Tesla, Extreme, Kix, Great White, just to name a few. Hanging at events like this you get to see true musicians in their element, timeless, and most of them are the nicest people you’d ever wanna meet.

BUT the major highlight of the weekend was my drive home! Got to swing by my cousin’s house and hang with her super cute kids and some more adult cousins for a few beauuuuutiful hours – FAMILY IS THE BEST! Warmed my heart and recharged my batteries for another busy week.

with Jack Blades from Nightranger/Damn Yankees

with Reb Beach from Winger

John Corabi, formerly of Motley Crue, was bragging to everyone at dinner about how I did a great job opening for him last summer = PINCH ME!! This was one of my most cherished moments of all time! My cohost snapped a pic in the moment (thanks Ralphy)

backstage with my Tour Bus Radio Show, Ralph Sutton

Sebastian Bach!!! Backstage view.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand my biggest rock stars of all....

My cousin Lucy!!! We made Play-doh Oreos.... I think they look pretty yummy, no?

And cousin William cracking me up.... 

What a wonderful weekend!!! Now, off to get my oil changed. Put almost a thousand miles on the car in a week, sheesh! 

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