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Posts from October 2013

Oct 29, 2013 ~ heyyyyyy burfday weekend!

So Friday was my birthday. Turned 87 years old (Oil of Olay - endorsement opportunity hellooooo).... had the best birthday weekend since I was eight and got a Janet Jackson album from my aunt (played it til it broke). Something I've realized in my old age: great friends are even better than Janet Jackson albums. No, really, I know Design Of A Decade was good, but check out what was waiting for me first thing Friday morning from my friend Shannon....

haaaaaaaaa sexy, no?

THEN I got to see Jeffrey Ross's comedy show at the Kirby with my friends Nicole & Jenis Friday night, and SAMMY HAGAR on Saturday!! Yeah, we were front row - I'm not ashamed to say I totally lost my mind!!!!! Check this view....


Jenis, Desiree, and Me :) goofballs. LOVE these chickas. What a perfect birthday weekend!! Now on to NYC marathon (Sunday). New year = new reasons to smile!

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And the Cow goes Moo!

Every month I get to act like a kid again (even more than I do on the radio!) by volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Saturday we took a road trip to Roba's Family Farm in North Abbington Twsp.

Meet worker bee, aka, Jay, an awesome 8 yr old from Wilkes-Barre.

We had a blast feeding the animals, getting lost in the corn maze for an hour and watching the pig races.

Check out this hand carved Sponge Bob pumpkin.  I almost lost it when Jay screamed out to the pumpkin carver:  "Wow, you're really talented!"

But Jay's favorite part of the day was shooting the pumpkin cannon.

Jay's pretty intent on hitting the target.

Nice shot!

Think you can give up a few hours a month to make a difference in a young kid's life like Jay?
Volunteer to be a Big Brother or Big Sister today.

Want to learn more about the program?


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Ooct 22, 2013 ~ ALICE COOPER = idol

Thanks to the Kirby Center for an amazing Alice Cooper show the other night, and for letting me hang out with my idol backstage for a bit. He met me two other times, and even remembered me! Wowsa. AND remembered when we interviewed him on my rock radio show last year. Blew my mind!!!

Forget no more mister nice guy! He is the NICEST celebrity I've ever met!

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Look Who I Met Yesterday!

Remember these little guys? These are the puppies that were found by a jogger after being left to die on the side of the road in Sweet Valley earlier this month.  I finally got to see them up close yesterday.

ey are now full of life and doing quite well at BLUE CHIP ANIMAL REFUGE in Dallas.  Marge & the volunteers at this no-kill shelter bottle feed the pups every 3 hours.

Soon they will be available for adoption.  And I'm sure they will have no problem finding a forever home.

Here's a few more of the AMAZING animals looking for homes at Blue Chip.

How can you say no to these little faces???

Volunteers & donations are ALWAYS welcome.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


934 Lockville Rd.
Dallas, PA 18612


Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun: Noon-5:00PM
Other Hours by Appointment
(570) 333-5265



Team Kayla Benefit

Help us celebrate NATIONAL PIEROGIE DAY and raise money for a very special young lady from NEPA.
Join us tomorrow at Carbondale High School with Pieroguys Pierogies and What the Fork food truck for the Team Kayla benefit.
Kayla Nakonechni is a Cardondale grad and Penn State senior who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.
Our friend Frank from Pieroguys Pierogies will debut a new pierogie in Kayla’s honor.
Tasty food and a GREAT cause…how can you go wrong?
What:  Team Kayla Benefit
When:  Tuesday Oct08  11-2p & 5-8p
Where:  Carbondale High School
Special thanks to Pieroguys Pierogies, What the Fork, Burnt Carbon, Graces Downfall and NEPA & McGraw.

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Oct 5, 2013 ~ PICS from Bras Across The Bridge

Thank you EVERYBODY who made it to Bras Across The Bridge last night!! Raised a few thousand dollars for breast cancer (we'll have the final tally Monday) and enjoyed a wonderfully heartwarming evening of fellowship in our "pink" community! I'm sorry in advance there are so many pics, but I didn't wanna leave anybody out! This group = SO amazing :)

I think we did some good here, folks! Smile to yourself knowing you made a difference!!

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Help These Pups

I’m totally sick over the story tonight on WNEP.  5 newborn puppies were left to die on Callender Road near Sweet Valley.  They were found in a trash bag by a jogger Monday night.

I can’t even imagine what kind of person is responsible for such a horrific act.  The pups were abandoned, taken from their mother with their umbilical cords still attached.

Right now they are being cared for at Blue Chip Farms, a no-kill shelter in the Back Mountain.

The shelter says that their best chance of survival is being reunited with their mother.

If you know where the pups mother can be found, please contact Blue Chip at (570) 333-5265.

I can’t think of a better time than NOW to donate to Blue Chip.  Any size contribution would be greatly appreciated AND is tax deductible.

As you probably know, Sue & I adopted our dogs from Blue Chip.  We can't say enough good things about Marge & the other volunteers at Blue Chip and what they do to save animals lives.  These are truly special people.


CLICK HERE for more info on Blue Chip and how you can help.
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Invisalign COMPLETE!

This morning was HUGE! I had an appointment with Dr. Lawrence and he removed the Invisalign "buttons" that were on my top row! I'm pretty much DONE with my treatment and have a straighter smile just in time for our wedding day!!! (Which is only 11 days away by the way!)

This was the most important pre-wedding treatment I did and I couldn't be happier with the results. It was painless and so easy. Dr. Lawrence was great and his whole staff was so friendly! I still can't believe how much my teeth changed over the past 7 months, just by wearing these invisalign trays! If it's something you've been thinking about, go for a consultation! (570-288-5588) It's so worth it and flies by!

Eeeeee! I'm going to smile extra big on my wedding day knowing my teeth are back where they belong, perfectly straight! :)

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