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Posts from March 2015

Local Pop Duo Needs Your Vote!

NEPA pop duo Kohn need your VOTE to help them get national exposure! Click here and VOTE for Kohn in the ‪#‎RisingStar‬ contest -!

Let's help them represent NEPA and get them the votes they need to win this contest!

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News Flub: Weather Guy Leaves Hanger in Suit

How on earth does this happen?  And I wonder if any of our local TV friends have had any similar fashion screw ups on air.

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My boss thinks it's hilarious that every weekend I'm either at a wedding or a baby shower ... but that's just the typical life of women in their late 20's! Love is in the air ... over the weekend, my husband John's Best Man, Ryan and his fiance, (who we adore!) Linda got married in New Jersey! They are such a sweet and loving couple ... and I married into an AWESOME group of friends because John's friends know how to have a good time! The wedding was beautiful, full of love, everyone was beaming with joy ... but I just had to share this adorable idea! These were the table numbers!

The table numbers were photos of the bride and groom at the age of the table number. So these were photos of them when they are 7, for table 7! How sweet is that??? An awesome idea for any brides-to-be!

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Sending Warm Thoughts from FLA!

Greetings from sunny Florida, where not wearing pants in March is a thing!

Sue & I with our friend Gwyn.  And yeah, we forgot to pack the sunscreen.

We found a killer Tex-Mex restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.  These are the Chicken Sopes from Casa Frida Mexican Grille.  Amazing.  And this place is home to probably the BEST GUACAMOLE ever!!!

OK...I couldn't resist.  And I can only imagine what kind of bargains they offer in the backroom!

Kayaking on the Crystal River home to the largest population of Manatees.  It's literally a Manatee hang out as upwards of 800 could be in the river at one time during the Winter months.

The totally cool Dali Museum in St. Petersburg...a must!

Alligator Alley.  Heading West to East across Southern Florida.

I caught this beautiful sunset in our side mirror.

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March 27, 2015 ~ new ink!

Thank you Marc's Tattooing & Body Piercing in Wilkes Barre for my SWEET new ink! This is my 4th (and favorite) tattoo! Vinnie the artist helped me design it so it's completely unique, no one else has this same design, and I LOVE IT! Go see them if you're looking for fresh body art - you'll be glad you did!

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March 24 2015 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful niece Amy! I can' believe she's two already!!! The happiest days of my life were when she & her brother Benjamin were born. I love them both so much I could burst! Check out the cuteness...

And a few pics from my weekend here - shout out to my best friends in the world for making this March tolerable! I've had a rough month. Breakup with my ex, new apartment, no furniture, had to start from zero all over again, soooo.... Desiree, Danielle, Jenis, I love you guys SO much! THANK YOU for being there for me always! You're amazing :)

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Real People. Real Heroes.

Lissa & I can't THANK YOU enough for rolling up your sleeve and donating blood.  Friday's PINT PARTY at Ken Pollock Volvo with the NEPA Red Cross helped save 100+ lives here in NEPA.

Consider this...

*Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.
*More than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day.
*A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood.
*Every pint of blood donated saves 3 LIVES!

If you'd like to be a REAL HERO and donate, schedule an appointment today by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or go to   

Thanks to Nurse Nickie I didn't feel a thing!

And the same goes for these heroes...Lissa, Fast Freddie & Intern Travis.

Colin & Heidi from the Red Cross say THANKS for the pint!!!  And keep listening to KRZ for details on our next Pint Party.

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March 14 2015 ~ pint party & parade!!!!!

Wow, what a CRAZY couple days! Thank you EVERYONE who came to our Pint Party Blood Drive with the Red Cross yesterday! We exceeded our goal of 40 pints and could NOT be more stoked! Rocky, Freddie, and I all donated. So did Intern Travis (his first time - he was literally shaking, so nervous, but he was a total rock star once he got in the chair). Each pint saves 3 lives so over 100 lives saved by the end of the day! Not too shabby!!

Our parade in Scranton was a rainy one but a fun one! YouTube star Megan Nicole performed the whole parade route and was absolutely wonderful. Such a joy to work with! Now off to dry clothes and hot chocolate... THANKS SCRANTON!!!

Rocky & Me with Megan Nicole

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A Resolution-Nerd and Proud of it!

I did it!  It's a new month and I'm still GOING TO THE GYM.

I remember Lissa calling me a "Resolution Nerd" when I revealed on air that I was starting again at the gym in January.  I normally don't make resolutions.  But this time, a new year seemed like a good time to get back at it after a few months off.'s now March 3rd, and this nerd is still hitting the treadmill.

And I'm not looking for a pat on the back.  But if this nerd can do it, you can too! 

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Loud & Stinky

Meet my new bud, David from Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  David is on the waiting list to be matched with a mentor.

We gave him a fun night out Friday at Monster Jam, the monster truck show at the Arena.  And yes, it WAS loud and stinky, but David loved it.

Hanging with the driver of the Backwards Bob monster truck.

David wanted to know how the driver gets behind the wheel of his truck.

Doing the claw in front of monster truck Crush-station.

Grave Digger getting some air!

Grave Digger took a digger!

You too can really have an impact on a cool kid just like David.  And there are so many kids just like him waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister.  Why not volunteer today?

CLICK HERE for info on Big Brothers Big Sisters of NEPA.

"Little moments.  Big magic."

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